‘Yellowstone’ TV Says an ‘Instant Classic’ Was Born with Video of Legendary Beth Dutton Moment

by Thad Mitchell

With Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” set to return in the near future, the show is sharing some of its top moments on social media.

The most recent “Yellowstone” scene share came just yesterday via the show’s Instagram page. It features an unforgettable scene in which Beth Dutton lays down one of the best lines in the show’s history. Beth Dutton, played beautifully by veteran actress Kelly Reilly, is a favorite of practically every “Yellowstone” fan. Her sharp tongue, quick wit and flair for the dramatic has placed her among the most loved characters on the show. While Beth has had numerous memorable scenes and lines throughout the series, this one stands out as one of the best.

“And an instant classic was born,” the Instagram post proclaims. The social media post took in a lot of attention from “Yellowstone” fans and drew quite the reaction.

The scene depicts Beth Dutton doing Beth Dutton things as she makes the perfect analogy while having a conversation with Roarke Morris. Played by Josh Holloway, Roarke Morris represents Market Equities, a firm that wishes to purchase Yellowstone Ranch in order to transform the property into an airport. Beth is none too keen on Roarke’s idea to take over her father’s ranch and gives him a not-so-subtle warning.

“You are the trailer park,” she says as she stares Morris down. “I am the tornado.”

Warnings don’t get much clearer than that and Beth comparing herself to a tornado is one of the most “Yellowstone” things of all time. As the show’s social media page proclaims, the line became an instant classic.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Express Frustration

Numerous “Yellowstone” fans took notice of the Instagram post and used the comments section to ask when the new season will arrive. It is clear from the responses that frustration is boiling over regarding the lack of information on the premiere of season four.

“Y’all are going to be the trailer park to my tornado if y’all don’t release season 4 details soon,” a fan comments.

“When, for the love of all that is good, is the new season starting?” another fan asks.

The fan frustration stems from the radio silence regarding the starting date of the new season. It previously believed that the fourth season of “Yellowstone” would arrive in June. That now looks like an optimistic timeline as June is now halfway complete with no word on a premiere.

All three previous seasons of “Yellowstone” have begun on Father’s Day, which falls on June 20 this year. With Father’s Day just a short time away, it seems unlikely that season four will follow suit of the first three seasons.

So, the wait continues as June rolls on. Hang in there “Yellowstone” fans…we are all in this together.