‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is Jamie Dutton a Murderer or Just ‘Hiding Something’ Else?

by Halle Ames

“Yellowstone” fans debate whether Jamie Dutton is really a murderer or is he just hiding something else?

Is Jamie Dutton just a misunderstood lawyer that was adopted by a wealthy ranch-owning family and trying to please everyone? Throughout the “Yellowstone” series, fans have questioned Jamie’s loyalties as well as his murderous capabilities.

Could the sharply dressed Dutton really just be a snake in a suit, or are we missing something?

“Yellowstone” fans have already established that Jamie will kill to save his own behind. Just ask Sarah Nguyen. Oh, wait, you can’t because Jamie strangled her to death for potentially publishing a story about all the Dutton secrets that Jamie willingly gave an interview for. After he killed her, Rip helped him send her lifeless body down the river to look like she drowned.

So, yes, Jamie Dutton is definitely a murderer. However, would he call the attacks on his own family? The people that raised him kept him out of the foster system, (kind of) loved him, clothed him, set him up for a promising future. While we understand Jamie potentially trying to kill Beth, Jamie and Kayce were on fantastic terms. Jamie and John were still wishy-washy after the adoption bomb got dropped on a blindsided Jamie.

According to an interview with Express, Nick Davies, a hypnotherapist and behavior expert, touched on Jamie Dutton’s guilt in the season three attacks.

“In [a clip] he says ‘He lives in the south of the valley, where he likes his religion.'”

Is Jamie Dutton Lacking Emotionally in ‘Yellowstone?’

The clip the news source refers to had to do with Kayce Dutton’s mercy killing in season one and Jamie trying to clear his name. Jamie speaks to his father about the incident and has a particular behavior about him that caught Davies’s eye.

“He looks down as if hiding something and displays the ‘long eye blink’, which usually denotes lying or not wanting to ‘see’ the information he is giving. He displays macro expressions (normal emotional expression he is not trying to hide) and behavior that he doesn’t want the autopsy report to be seen.”

The behavior expert continues, highlighting other scenes where Jamie Dutton shows mischievous but not murderous attributes.

“He displays macro expressions of fear, regret, and guilt when talking with Beth. Then when talking about the reporter/journalist, he displays micro expressions (emotions we try to conceal that last less than a second) of anger and frustration but not psychotic rage or a cocky stare, which murderers usually do. Then when he pursues Beth, his anger increases to a level where he becomes physical with her. But it is quickly quelled with her knee to his crotch, again psychotic rage would not be dampened by this, and his anger would escalate.”

So does this mean that Jamie Dutton is incapable of killing his family? Absolutely not. However, Davies believes that if it were Jamie, he would have carried it out in a different way.

“He’s definitely feeling guilty about his behaviors. If he was to murder anyone, it would likely to be in a very sly way, like poisoning or sniper.”

Only season four of “Yellowstone” will tell, and as far as we know at the moment, that could be anytime. No release date has been set for the new, highly anticipated season.