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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is John Dutton Completely Mistaken About Jamie’s True Loyalties?

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

One of the most common themes on the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” is that of trust and loyalty among the Dutton family.

A proud ranching family of status and power in Montana, the Dutton family owns and operates Yellowstone Ranch. Much of the show revolves around family patriarch John Dutton and his wishes to keep the ranch in the family. Of his three children, he has the most issues with his adopted son, Jamie Dutton. The relationship between John and Jamie is tense and fragile, to say the least. The two men don’t see eye to eye on much of anything involving family matters. Jamie is politically ambitious but his father is very demanding of him and wants him to put the ranch and family before his rising political career.

Fans Ponder Jamie’s Motivations

The trust and loyalty theme plays a big part in the father and adopted son relationship. But, some “Yellowstone” fans don’t understand the complex relationship between John and Jamie and wonder who is really at fault for the divide. A recent Reddit thread asks just why John seems to not trust his adopted son the way he trusts his other children.

“Why did John flip out on Jamie in Season one?” the Redditor asks. “He demands that Jamie drop out of the race, beats him, and then cuts him off from the family finances. Jamie’s demonstrated the most commitment to the Dutton family, the ranch, and their roots. More so than any of the living Dutton siblings. It’s established a bunch of times that Jamie’s run for state Congress will help entrench the Duttons even more. John says that Jamie’s defense of the ranch is just self-interest, but the same could be said of all of the Duttons. It just seems weird that John would so quickly throw away his most loyal kid because he didn’t pick up the phone a couple of times.”

‘Yellowstone’ Producers Father and Son Rivalry

It is a legitimate “Yellowstone” question to ask if John is tougher on Jamie than he is on his other children. It’s clear that Jamie loves his father and constantly strives to gain his approval.

A huge wrench was thrown in thrown into the already complex relationship when Jamie discovers he was adopted as an infant. Many “Yellowstone” fans also believe Jamie plays a part in the attack on his family to close out the third season. It remains to be seen if Jamie really is the culprit behind the ambush on the Dutton clan.

Expect the relationship between John and Jamie Dutton to fall under the microscope when the new season arrives. The storyline between the two men is one the best parts of “Yellowstone” and writers would be wise to continue the plot.

While we still have no word on a possible fourth season premiere date — it is drawing closer with each passing day.