‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is Lloyd in Trouble in Newest Trailer About Jimmy’s Future?

by Jon D. B.

“Jimmy broke his promise to John Dutton,” and the latest Yellowstone Season 4 shows it might be more than just Jimmy paying for their mistakes.

On the whole, we’ve seen very little footage from Yellowstone‘s next season. And within that, we’ve seen a small amount of what Lloyd will be up to.

What we have seen, however, is him getting the daylights punched out of him via hard right hook. This latest trailer for Season 4 emphasizes this again, too. Yellowstone‘s marketing makes it clear that Lloyd – like many of his cohorts – are in big trouble come Season 4, to be sure. Yet there’s a catch for this old-timer; one that is sending shockwaves through the fandom.

It’s off-frame in this new edited-for-social-media trailer below, but in the original trailer a simple pause at the 49-second mark shows Lloyd getting punched. And, I’m convinced it’s Rip Wheeler.

This sounds hard to believe, but it’s true. From the shape of his face and facial hair to the trademark black wide-brim, sunglasses, jacket and gloves – it’s Rip. So what the hell could land Rip and Lloyd in a place where the former is punching the man he asked to be his best man at his wedding?

Lloyd is in Some Serious Trouble Come ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4

As passionate fan ChubbyBeardMan says on the Reddit Yellowstone board: “Rip is the one seen beating up Lloyd in the trailer. If you slow it down by frame you can see Rip’s beard, jacket and sunglasses. Can’t wait to find out why he done it.”

We can’t wait to find out why he “done it,” either. Immediately, the possibility that Lloyd has betrayed the ranch in some way comes to mind. Rip is loyal 100% to John Dutton, even over Beth. Anything Lloyd does to endanger the ranch or his boss could land a punch.

But is Lloyd capable of betraying this family? He hasn’t been written in any way to indicate such a thing. Perhaps, then, this is why Taylor Sheridan has chosen him to throw a curveball with. Maybe Lloyd having a hand in letting Jimmy get back into rodeo is enough for Rip to unleash on his old friend after Jimmy’s death. Seeing the young man die could send Rip into utter rage. This isn’t hard to imagine. If Jimmy dies, that is.

Or maybe – just maybe – “It could also be a misdirect,” another fan says on Reddit. “It’s not uncommon for footage to be made for trailers that never makes it in the actual show or movie.”

This is true. And honestly, it holds water better than the whole “Rip Imposter” theory floating around ahead of Yellowstone Season 4.

Whatever the case, we’ll find out why Lloyd’s getting the business end of Rip come November 7.