‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is Walker Going to Kill Rip in Season 4?

by Thad Mitchell

While the wait is on for the fourth season of Yellowstone to appear, fans are passing the time by speculating on their favorite characters.

Many of the show’s faithful are using message boards, like Reddit, to post theories on what might happen in the new season. Some of their theories are rather wild but there is also speculation on more realistic situations that could actually happen.

Yellowstone took viewers’ breath away with the Season 3 finale. The final episode saw each member of the Dutton family under attack and producers aren’t say who survives and who does not. The finale cliffhanger is fueling much of fan’s wild theories as they try and guess what happens to their beloved characters.

An interesting subplot that is rapidly developing on the show is the rivalry between ranch hand Walker and ranch foreman Rip Wheeler. It is a feud that has been brewing for a couple of seasons with Rip trying to kill Walker on more than one occasion. Fans will remember one scene in which Rip causes Walker to fall from his horse with the intention of killing him. As Rip prepares to run over Walker with his own horse, he is stopped by Kayce Dutton. It wouldn’t be the last time that Kayce saves Walker’s life.

After being taking to the “train station” by Kayce, Walker was supposed to be killed at Rip’s orders. Instead, Kayce spares Walker’s life with the understanding that he would leave Montana and never come back. This proves to be harder than it appears because Walker is on probation and not allowed to the leave the state.

Yellowstone Setting up Epic Rivalry With Rip and Walker

When Rip and Lloyd venture to a local bar, they discover that not only is Walker alive but he is putting together a musical career.

Enraged, Rip and Lloyd kidnap Walker and take him back to the Yellowstone Ranch. With the revelation that Walker is alive, Kayce has some explaining to do. He ultimately gives Walker another chance to work on the ranch to Rip’s dismay.

Fans are now speculating that the only way Walker will remain with the breathing is to kill Rip. While it will be a mighty task to kill the intimating Rip, Walker may have no choice. One Reddit user says he believes the battle between Walker and Rip will heighten in season 4.

“I know it sounds mad but the second they didn’t kill walker the first time, I got an ominous feeling,” he says. “By the end of season 4 I think Rip will either be dead or in jail. I’d prefer he were dead though, jail would be dreadful. He’s my favorite character but my gut feeling is, that Walker is the Fox in the hen house and the chickens have come home to roost.”

So how do you think the Yellowstone Ranch rivalry will play out?