‘Yellowstone’ TV Is ‘Working for a Bunkhouse Weekend’ in New Dutton Ranch Pic

by Jon D. B.

Workin’ for a bunkhouse weekend? Count us in. This new shot of the ‘Yellowstone’ bunkhouse is every weekend vibe an Outsider could ever want.

Why work for the weekend when you could work for a “bunkhouse weekend”? Paramount’s #1 cable drama, ‘Yellowstone,’ has brought Western culture back to the forefront of Americana. There’s not a soul in the U.S. that doesn’t want to be a cowboy right now, and that’s far from an insult. It is, after all, about the most American job there is out there.

Make no mistake, however, it is a job. While ‘Yellowstone’ is pure fiction, the show does remarkably with showing how grueling and – for some – unrewarding – this back-breaking work truly is. For the right person, though, like Lloyd Pierce’s real life cowboy Forrie J. Smith: it’s the only work worth doing.

Indeed, ‘Yellowstone’s Friday caption, “Working for a bunkhouse weekend,” might as well become fans’ new mantra. Like we said, count us in. See how many Western staples you can spot in the new shot below:

Anyone else up for a round of darts after watching the local rodeo? Something tells us plenty of our fellow Outsiders are as guilty of decorating generously with antlers as this author is, too.

‘Yellowstone’s Bunkhouse: The Heart of It All

The official shot from ‘Yellowstone’s Twitter captures the feel of the infamous bunkhouse effortlessly. And if it looks like a whole lot more fun than it is work up in the bunks, that’s because it is. For the cast of the show, at least.

The “bunkhouse boys” – as both the show and the actors affectionately refer to themselves – are a group like no other. From Jimmy’s Jefferson White to Colby’s Denim Richards, the bunkhouse cast has become the best of friends. The show records their shenanigans often, and they’re beyond hysterical to watch.

Take this clip, for example, when ‘Yellowstone’ asks the bunkhouse boys who’s the most “high maintenance” between them. It quickly devolves – and fans are all the better for it.

Immediately both Denim himself and Ian Bohen (Ryan) vote for Denim as the highest maintenance. Jimmy’s Jefferson White, however, thinks otherwise.

“The highest maintenance? It’s me. I’m the high maintenance one,” laughs White.

Denim Richards has honest disagreements with this, though. “He said he is the highest maintenance one? No! Absolutely not!” the Colby actor laughs.

Bohen agrees: “[Jefferson White] doesn’t require anything. He is on the cusp of growing facial hair… any year now. And he’s got perfect skin because he is seventeen.”

For the entire (absolutely hysterical) interview with these three, head to the link above. If anything, it’ll make you “work for a bunkhouse weekend” with friends even harder.