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‘Yellowstone’ TV: With Jacki Weaver Joining in Season 4 as Market Equities CEO, What Does This Mean for Willa Hayes?

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

What does Jacki Weaver’s hiring as Market Equities’ new CEO mean for Willa Hayes on “Yellowstone” season four?

“Yellowstone” first introduced Willa Hayes and Market Equities to fans in Season Three. With the help of Roarke Morris, the company is hoping to buy the Dutton’s land and put in a massive airport.

‘Yellowstone’ Enemy

While Market Equities hasn’t established themselves as the most dangerous villain the Yellowstone ranch has seen before, they have the money and manpower to be. Currently, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Even though we assume it was Willa Hayes and the Market Equities powerhouse that carried out the attacks on Beth, Kayce, and John Dutton, we cannot be for sure. Therefore, the corporation is in the clear at the moment.

Firstly, Market Equities wanted to buy a portion of the Yellowstone ranch for nearly $500 million. If the Duttons didn’t agree, they would get Governor Perry and Attorney General Jamie onboard and claim eminent domain over the land, and the Dutton would get hardly a fraction of how much they would have with their first offer. Market Equities was planning on turning the land into an airport, therefore driving up the land prices as a town and ski resort would quickly pop up around it.

Will Willa Hayes Become An Enemy Or Did She Leave The Show?

However, the Duttons weren’t going down that easily. Beth, in particular, sought to tarnish the Market Equities CEO’s reputation with a workplace harassment claim. With Willa’s career on the line, is she the one who lashed out at the Duttons?

According to “Yellowstone” TV Fandom, Willa Hayes “arrived in Bozeman upon learning of Beth Dutton smashing her shareholders’ stocks. She later used her leverage on Schwartz & Meyer to terminate Beth from her job.”

Willa even notes that Beth is so good at her job that Market Equities should hire her for themselves after they get her fired.

Furthermore, the series announced that Jacki Weaver would be joining the “Yellowstone” cast as Caroline Warner, the Market Equities CEO. What happened to Willa? Did Market Equities fire her to cover the company’s bases? Since she no longer has anything to lose, will she go on a rampage to end whoever messed with her career?

We currently have two bad*ss, powerful women potentially out of a job. What will happen between the two? Will Beth Dutton even survive to see “Yellowstone” Season Four?

Furthermore, will Karen Pittman, the actress who plays Willa Hayes come back to the show at all, or has her character been completely phased out?

The last we heard from Willa Hayes, she was warning Roarke to treat this deal like an oil deal in Yemen and not an airport deal in Montana. She is basically insinuating to play dirtier than they have been.

But the question is, how dirty did the company get?