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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is Jacki Weaver’s Character Beth Dutton’s Next Major Enemy?

by Leanne Stahulak

We’re only weeks away, “Yellowstone” fans, from finding out whether or not Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) survives the explosion that ripped apart her office.

We’re also concerned about John, who got shot on the side of the road, and Kayce, who was involved in a gunfight in the Livestock Commissioner’s office. But Beth’s fate looks more perilous than those two’s, and whether she lives or dies could change the trajectory of the entire fourth season.

Primarily, because John needs Beth to face up against Caroline Warner (Jacki Weaver), the new villain in town. The official “Yellowstone” social media accounts released a new teaser that introduces us to Caroline. And based on those clips, some fans wonder if Beth and the Duttons will have met their match.

Caroline is described as a “force of nature,” both in the captions of the clips and by Ellis Steele actor John Emmet Tracy. Gil Birmingham, who plays Chairman Tom Rainwater, also said that Caroline “has a fire in her” and “has the resources to undermine anything that we have tried to do, so it does have us concerned.”

Per Weaver in the teaser, Caroline is the CEO of “the biggest investment company in the world, and she has come to straighten things out.” That certainly sounds ominous, especially with where Season 3 left things for the Dutton Ranch as well as for the Duttons themselves.

But if Beth survives, could she take on Caroline? Fans are left to wonder if all the hype around Caroline’s character is actually an indicator that Beth dies in the explosion. And then Caroline will become the new “female powerhouse” in the show with Beth’s departure.

Beth has a reputation for being feisty, and it looks like Caroline will be too. But that could just as easily mean that the fireworks between the two will be bigger and better than ever.

Beth Dutton Has Experience Taking Out Opponents on ‘Yellowstone’

For three seasons of “Yellowstone,” we’ve watched Beth Dutton absolutely demolish her enemies. Just look at the Beck brothers from Season 2, who sent two men to intimidate and hurt Beth. She didn’t give them an inch, even bruised and bloodied up. Beth put the fear of God in those two men, not the other way around.

And then in Season 3, Beth faced enemies on all sides. She handily took down Roarke Morris, the hedge fund manager for Market Equities, by shorting their stocks. She took care of Willa Hayes, the former CEO of Market Equities, by filing a workplace harassment claim that led to an internal investigation. This caused Willa to tell Roarke to handle Beth and the Duttons “like an oil deal in Yemen.”

Several fans think this means Willa and Market Equities attacked the Duttons family in the finale. And if Beth survives that explosion, then it just shows that she’s the truly unstoppable force. And one that Caroline Warner better prepare for.

Catch Season 4 of “Yellowstone” on Nov. 7 in a two-hour premiere.