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Yellowstone TV: Jake Ream Explains How He Went from Horseman to Actor for Show

by Jon D. B.
Photo credit: Paramount Network Press via Yellowstone Twitter Account, Viacom

Horsesman-turned-actor Jake Ream spills all on how he got his start, then snagged a recurring role, on television’s top drama: Yellowstone.

In a video segment they’re calling “Taking the Reins”, Yellowstone‘s official Instagram page is celebrating another of their real-life cowboys: Jake Ream.

Within the reel, Yellowstone celebrates the horseman-turned-actor as “The man, the myth, the legend: Jake Ream”. He’s earned it, too, as the footage clearly shows. In addition to his acting, Ream is one of Paramount production’s top horsemen. Moreover, he is responsible for some of the most dangerous stunts – and outright work – on the show to date.

Speaking to this himself, Ream gives the lowdown on just what took him from behind-the-scenes horseman, to recurring cowboy on television’s top drama.

How Jake Ream Became A Yellowstone Cowboy

“It kinda started out – in all of Season 1 I was helping with saddling and wrangling, and just making sure everyone was safe,” Jake Ream starts off for Paramount. His work on the hit show was fully behind-the-scenes at first, he adds, as his main concerns were that “saddles were correct, and the tack was properly done, and all that stuff.”

As far as acting on the show is concerned, Ream says he “kinda just started in, y’know?” The fast-talkin’ wrangler says production “needed another cowboy,” and his acting career was born via Yellowstone and showrunner Taylor Sheridan.

“Taylor put me in a little bit here, and a little bit there,” Ream recalls. “On Season 1, he let me do a roping scene that was fun. That was probably the first big scene that I did. I think there was kinda just a small place for me – for a guy to pop in and out,” he says of his recurring presence on the show.

Ream is, from what we’ve seen on and off-screen, a fantastic guy responsible for much of Yellowstone‘s true-to-life grit. After a few iconic scenes from him in character as – well -Jake Ream, he’s been able to prove his comedic chops, as well.

For much more from the life-long rancher: from his ranchin’ history growing up, to his fantastic first day with Kevin Costner, give the full reel a watch below, and be sure to check out our full coverage of how Jake Ream Met Show Creator Taylor Sheridan.

Jake Ream Isn’t The Show’s Only Real-Life Cowboy

Through the watchful eyes of Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan, the show remains as true-to-life as it can within such a high-stakes, neo-reality Western. At the forefront of all of this – is casting. While some actors like Kevin Costner have decades of equestrian experience, others – like Jake Ream – are the absolute real deal. But he’s not alone!

We’re preaching to the choir, but there’s no counting the strengths of Yellowstone for us fans. It’s the best of so many worlds, all combining into the best modern television has to offer. If we had to pinpoint one strength on behalf of this feature, however, it’d be the aforementioned authenticity.

Forrie J. Smith, alongside Ream, is another real-life cowboy lending his acting talents to Yellowstone. The actor, responsible for series-favorite ranch hand Lloyd, is perfect for the role. And not just in looks, attitude, and swagger – but because he’s been living it all his life. Also a long-time Hollywood stuntman and actor, Yellowstone is Smith’s first series regular role, and we love the show for bringing him into such a prominent place in the story.

Curious to know more about Smith, too? We’ve got it all. And for all the rest on your favorite Yellowstone actors, stick with us here on Outsider.com.