‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is Jamie Dutton Going to Die in Season 4?

by Thad Mitchell

As we eagerly await the return of Yellowstone for its fourth season, some are speculating on what will happen to our favorite characters.

Season three of the popular Paramount Network show ended on a cliffhanger with members of the Dutton family under siege. John Dutton, the family patriarch, took a bullet to the chest but appears to survive thanks to his cell phone in his shirt pocket. When we last saw John’s son, Kayce, he was flipping over his desk to shield bullets from an unknown shooter. Then there is John’s only daughter, Beth Dutton. She was the recipient of a mail bomb that exploded in her office as her assistant opens it.

While Yellowstone faithfuls are eager to find out who may have survived and who didn’t, there are other sides to the story. Much of season four’s storyline is expected to revolve around just who committed these acts against the Duttons.

There are plenty of suspects and theories as to who may have orchestrated the attacks. There is also no shortage of motives to attack the prominent Montana family and their ranch. Chief Rainwater and his feisty new attorney discussed doing “what needs to be done” in the finale. Rourke Morris and his Market Equity group are angry that the Duttons won’t sell their land so they can build an airport.

Yellowstone Season Four Speculation Revolves Around Jamie

The Duttons certainly have their fair share of enemies that would want to cause them harm including one from within. Led to believe he was a legitimate member of the Dutton clan, Jamie Dutton made a shocking discovery this past season. When tasked with recovering his birth certificate, he discovers he was adopted by the Duttons as a child. Furthermore, he learns his biological father killed his mother when he was just an infant.

Upon meeting his father, Garrett Randall, he seems to gain a new perspective on the Dutton family. Randall tells him that Yellowstone Ranch is an empire. He then suggests to his son that the only way to bring down an empire is to “kill the king.”

If it was indeed Jamie behind the attacks on the Dutton family, one would expect it is only a matter of time till he is caught. Many speculate Jamie’s time is drawing near and his death in season four is all but certain.

A prevailing theory is that Ranch Hand Rip Wheeler and Kayce will team up to avenge their family. If Beth dies in the attack, it would almost certainly give Rip the motivation to kill everyone involved.

Will his wrath lead him down a path that results in Jamie’s demise? Did Jamie actually have anything to do with the assassination attempt?

With the fourth installment of Yellowstone around the corner, we will be getting answers very soon.

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