‘Yellowstone’ TV: Jamie Dutton Knows ‘One Way to Solve a Problem’ in New Clip

by Thad Mitchell

The Yellowstone faithful are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a brand new season that expects to premiere at some point this month.

While we wait for new episodes, Yellowstone’s social media accounts are reminding us of moments gone by. The show’s Instagram page recently put out a clip of a memorable Jamie Dutton moment.

Jamie, with his superior intellect and willingness to dirty his hands and attempting to talk his way out of a bad situation, has to use his talents again. One of his subordinates has accidentally killed two thieves by tossing them about in a horse trailer. Jamie quickly thinks of a favorable fabrication to ease the situation. In this scene, he is trying to convince his subordinate to go along with the plan.

The short clip is a picture-perfect example of the depths Jamie is willing to go to in order to get what he wants. Yellowstone released the clip on Tuesday, making fans wonder if there is any future significance to it.

“That’s one way to solve a problem, Jamie,” the social media post proclaims.

In the clip, Jamie is in a panic while trying to work his way out of trouble and keep his agent out of prison. He tells the agent that they will have to lie their way out of the situation, hoping he will understand.

“There’s no problem. The lie is the truth now,” Jamie says over the phone in the clip. “The lie is the truth, and it is the truth forever. Do you understand me?”

Yellowstone Fans Ponder Jamie Dutton’s Future

There’s probably no more a complex character on Yellowstone Ranch than that of Jamie Dutton. His character arc has been one of the top highlights of the show’s first three seasons. Veteran actor Wes Bentley plays Jamie to near perfection, giving a dark side but also making fans sympathize with his situation.

Yellowstone fans wonder what season four will bring for Jamie Dutton and there are a number of ways he could go. In season three we see him reunite with his biological father, Garrett Randall.

Randall seemingly tries to convince his son that the only way to bring down a kingdom is to kill the king. He is, of course, talking about Yellowstone Ranch and Jamie’s adoptive father, John Dutton, in the metaphor.

Many Yellowstone fans believe Jamie and Randall had a hand in the attacks on the Dutton family to close out season three.

Hopefully, we will find out soon enough.