‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is Jamie a Dutton or Randall at Heart?

by Thad Mitchell

In only a matter of weeks, fans of the ever-popular Paramount Network series Yellowstone will be made whole with the show’s return.

Producers have yet to give the premiere date but if the new season follows suit with the previous three, it could begin in mid to late June. All three of Yellowstone’s previous seasons have premiered Father’s Day weekend. If show officials continue with that theme, we could see the beginning of season four on June 20. That would put the start date just under two months from today (Saturday).

There is much to unpack after the exciting cliffhanger ending to the third season of Yellowstone. Viewers are left to ponder the fates of the Dutton family, the series’ protagonists. John, Kayce and Beth Dutton came under attack in the waning moments of the season three finale. We have no idea if they or dead or alive, or some kind of combination of each. While most expect a couple, if not all, of the Duttons to survive, the truth is we simply do not know at this point in time. At the very least, it seems both John and Beth are severely injured. We don’t see Kayce take a bullet the same way his father did, but it is possible he is also hurt. Beth was mere feet from an exploding bomb so it is possible, if not likely that she is hurt.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Hope Real Jamie Shows Up

Once we learn the status of the Dutton clan, the next mystery will be figuring out who carries out the attack. There are several characters with motivation to harm the Yellowstone family, but Jamie Dutton is the prime suspect in the eyes of many.

In season three, Jamie discovers he was adopted as an infant and seeks out his biological father. Discovering his father is Garrett Randall, he initiates contact in an effort to learn his origins. To his dismay, Jamie learns that Randall murdered his birth mother after finding his child in poor condition. Randall says he did what he had to do to give his son a chance at life.

It brings about the question that many Yellowstone fans are asking themselves: Is Jamie a Dutton or Randall at heart.

It is a question that is likely to define season four of Yellowstone and will have complex answer.

If Jamie considered himself a Randall — then he just might be behind the attacks on his adopted family. He could also look to takeover Yellowstone Ranch at the suggestion from his father.

If he is a Dutton at heart — he could join the family in seeking revenge against the attackers. He might also help his adopted father protect the family ranch from others who wish to make it their own.

With the premiere of the new Yellowstone just weeks away, we won’t have to wait much longer for answer.