‘Yellowstone’ TV: Did Jamie Dutton’s Ex-Girlfriend, Mother of His Child Already Meet Tragic Fate?

by Thad Mitchell

We are now weeks away from the premiere of the fourth season of Yellowstone and fans of the show are counting down the days. There are still many questions to be answered as we head into a brand new season.

In a recent Reddit thread, fans wonder aloud about what happened to Jamie Dutton’s colleague and girlfriend, Christina. The last we saw of her, Christina was telling Jamie that she is pregnant with their child. She also gives Jamie an ultimatum as he must choose between his Dutton family or starting a new family with her. It is a wildly intriguing storyline that seemingly disappears from Yellowstone. With no trace of Christina in sight, some Redditors believe she may have already faced her fate.

Fans speculate that Jamie’s baby momma could have suffered an off-screen fate that viewers weren’t privy to. One fan even suggests she could have been on the Beck brother’s plane that was carrying a bomb. Kayce planted the bomb in the Beck’s plane in season two, though we never saw it explode.

“She must’ve got on the plane with the bomb,” the Reddit user says. “Maybe the plane was the second bomb we heard.”

There are a couple of examples suggesting this is a plausible theory and that Christina’s “disappearance” could be intentional. As evidenced by murdering an innocent journalist, we know Jamie is not above getting his hands dirty to protect the family name. Or some might argue, to protect himself. We also know Jamie’s political aspirations mean more to him than most everything. Either way, Yellowstone fans would like to see a resolution to the Christina and Jamie storyline.

“I would like to see her show up with papers to give up the baby as she has found a more suitable man as a father,” another Reddit user says. “Let Jamie sign away his rights as Garrett Randal did and end that storyline.”

Yellowstone’s Fourth Season Drawing Near

While Paramount Network officials have yet to release an official start date for the new season, it is expected next month. The previous three seasons of Yellowstone all started on Father’s Day. If that pattern continues with season four, June 20 may be a date to mark on your calendar. In the absence of their favorite show, fans of Yellowstone have flooded online forum communities to discuss the modern western series.

Always good for a surprise or two, Yellowstone writers have no issues killing off notable characters. We have seen characters come and go faster than Rip Wheeler can pick a fight. The show’s unpredictable nature is one of the reasons it has such a large fan base.

With the fourth season rapidly approaching, Yellowstone fans know answers to our most burning questions are coming soon.