‘Yellowstone’ TV: Jamie Dutton’s Three Most Pivotal Moments Leading into Season 4

by Kayla Zadel

Jamie Dutton has gone from smooth-talking lawyer to black sheep of the family, and now a complete outsider in the hit TV series “Yellowstone.”

Fans are speculating what’s next for one of the show’s main characters. There are theories that certain “forgotten storylines” will emerge. However, some think that Jamie will die during the fourth installment.

Whatever happens to Jamie will definitely involve the actions of his past. Before season 4 drops this summer, we’re taking a look back at three of Jamie Dutton’s most pivotal moments from the modern-western drama series.

Jamie Dutton Runs For Montana Attorney General

It seems like the middle child of the Dutton family is finally going to get his time in the spotlight. This master plan is concocted by his father, John (Kevin Costner), the Montana Governor, and the retiring Attorney General.

Jamie seems like he’s the perfect fit and it would only be a natural progression in his career. The lawyer is fully onboard and starts to a campaign, even though he’s running unopposed.

However, it’s only a matter of time that John realizes he needs his son-of-a-lawyer at his side, defending the ranch, not the state of Montana. John ends up physically and emotionally hurting Jamie. It’s here that Jamie’s inner-conflict starts to shine through the cracks that his father has created.

Jamie isn’t ready to give up this touted position and he stands up for himself. He decides to leave the ranch and stay with his girlfriend and campaign manager, Christina (Katherine Cunningham). But John being John, takes everything away from his son.

Jamie Dutton ultimately succumbs to his father’s wishes after going through another pivotal moment in the series.

Jamie Commits Cold-Blooded Murder

By this point in the series, fans are used to seeing characters get killed. Whether it be dropping them off at the morbid train station or witnessing the characters in a kill-or-be-killed situation. So when Jamie kills the reporter, Sarah (Michaela Conlin), it shouldn’t come as a shock to fans.

But it does. Jamie is no longer the buttoned-up character that viewers were lead to believe. A different side of Jamie comes to light. A series of events lead Jamie to this point. His father took away his perceived future and then he finds out his ex-girlfriend is pregnant. He’s seemingly has lost everything and doesn’t want the secrets he divulged to Sarah to get published.

He confronts the reporter and tries to persuade her from publishing the story. However, his efforts fail and Jamie’s anger gets the best of him. He shoves Sarah against her rental car and knocks her unconscious. Jamie continues to spiral out of control and ends up strangling her to death.

Then he really loses all control after he comes to his senses and realizes what he’s done. It’s then that he realizes that he can’t fight his father, no matter the circumstances. Jamie goes back to the Dutton ranch, tail between his legs, and starts working on his father’s forgiveness as low-man in the chain of command.

Jamie’s Finds Out He’s Adopted, Biological Father Revealed

After Jamie Dutton picks himself up by the bootstraps and figures he’s served enough time in the bunkhouse, a decision gets made that he’s better as a lawyer. He gets promoted to the position that he wanted after the appointed AG gets an invite to Washington D.C.

For some reason, Jamie’s birth certificate is needed for record-keeping and it’s then that he finds out that he’s adopted. The long-awaited cliffhanger that was planted in season 2 finally gets answered. This knowledge sets Jamie on a new path as he finds and reconnects with his biological father, Garrett Randall (Will Patton).

Jamie forces Randall to getting to know him, after his biological father warns him not to. Jamie then tells him that he’s having some issues with his adopted family. Randall gives him some advice that leaves a major cliffhanger at the end of season three.

Fans are waiting to see how this new relationship of Jamie’s plays out. But until then, read more on why Jamie might’ve left the Dutton ranch for good this time.