‘Yellowstone’ TV Highlights Jamie Promising Not to ‘Betray’ John Dutton in Buildup to Season 4

by Jon D. B.

It’s the question on every “Yellowstone” fan’s mind: Will Jamie Dutton betray his father & family come Season 4?

The foreshadowing is strong with this one. After everything Jamie (Wes Bentley) has been through with his Dutton kin, it may honestly be more surprising if he doesn’t betray John (Kevin Costner), Beth (Kelly Reilly), and the lot. While were 99% sure Jamie has no interest in hurting his only remaining brother, Kayce (Luke Grimes), will brotherly love be enough to stop the son of Garret Randall from exacting his revenge?

Even if it’s not revenge, per say, Jamie now has the seeds planted in his head thanks to Randall, his biological father. Let’s not forget, either, that Jamie has already betrayed his Dutton patriarch before. Multiple times, in fact. Things are far beyond holding political office to spite his father, or spilling all to a shady journalist (that is now dead).

As such, “Yellowstone” is taking a look back at Season 3 ahead of their Season 4 premiere. Within this official Monday clip, the show tweets a now infamous line from Jamie Dutton: “I won’t betray you.”

“Dad… I won’t betray you. You have my word.” the clip showcases of Jamie’s full line.

“Well… We’re about to find out what that’s worth,” his father growls back with a smile and a pat on the shoulder.

Relive this telling moment below, courtesy of the official “Yellowstone” Twitter, and prepare yourself for the ultimate question: Can/Will Jamie betray his father in Season 4?

‘Yellowstone’s Jamie Dutton is as Complex a’ Character as They Come

Love him or hate him, Jamie Dutton is as fascinatingly complex as characters come. As Season 1 paved the way for “Yellowstone” to become the cultural sensation it is now, Jamie’s own Wes Bentley spoke at length to the relationships his character held with family members for the inaugural season. His is a twisting, remarkable journey – one that few television characters can rival. And his comments on Luke Grimes’ Kayce Dutton are as telling as any.

“With Kayce, I feel like Jamie definitely has an older brother relationship with him,” Bentley began of his relationship with Grimes’ younger Kayce.

“He cares a lot about Kayce. And he worries about Kayce, because I think he knows Kayce is so volatile and unpredictable,” he continues.

Throughout S1-3, we see this play out before our eyes. Jamie has purposefully moved to hurt both Beth and their father. By comparison, however, he’s gone remarkably easy on Kayce. So much so, in fact, that the two rarely come to true odds unless it involves another family member. Or getting Kayce out of trouble, rather than into it.

“He loves his brother, but [Jamie] also knows [Kayce] is a danger to the family business. And that’s part of Jamie’s job. So he has to look at Kayce through two different lenses.”

And now that Jamie sees both Beth and their father as a “danger to the family business, too,” are we in store for some serious ramifications in “Yellowstone” Season 4?

We’ll find out come Summer 2021.