‘Yellowstone’ TV: Jefferson White Claims This Dutton Family Member is Season 1’s MVP

by Quentin Blount

Yellowstone actor Jefferson White recently revealed which member of the Dutton family that he considers being the MVP of season one.

White is an actor and producer but is best known for playing the character Jimmy Hurdstram in the hit show Yellowstone. He also has had roles in The Twilight Zone (2019) and Manhattan (2014). Jimmy Hurdstram is one of the main characters in the show. He’s a professional thief who becomes a ranch hand at Yellowstone Ranch. His grandfather, Dirk Hurdstram, asked John Dutton to take Jimmy on as a favor.

In a recent episode of the Welcome to the Yellowstone podcast, White recaps the entire first season of the show and hands out some best-of awards.

White dedicates each of the first nine episodes of Welcome to the Yellowstone, to each of the first episodes of the show. However, in episode 10 of the podcast, White goes over the entirety of season one as a whole.

And after recapping season one of Yellowstone in Paramount Network’s latest video, White names Kayce Dutton his MVP of the season. Kayce Dutton is a horseman, ranch hand, and son of ranch owner John Dutton. Actor Luke Grimes plays Kayce, but Rhys Alterman plays a younger version of him in several flashbacks.

“It’s Kayce — Kayce is my favorite character. During the first season he goes on this huge journey,” explains White. “He goes from losing his relationship with Monica to moving back onto the ranch, which is something I’m sure he swore to himself he would never do. Everything he’s fighting to protect over the course of the first season he loses. Even as he’s fighting so hard to stay the same, everything changes.”

White continues on giving out awards during the segment of the podcast, showing absolutely no bias whatsoever. Take a look at his awards list below for season one of Yellowstone:

  1. Toughest Cowboy: Jimmy Hurdstram
  2. Tallest Actor: Jefferson White
  3. Smartest Person: Jefferson White
  4. Most Humble: Jefferson White

Jefferson White Names John Dutton MVP of Yellowstone Episode 9

White talks about episode nine of season one of Yellowstone, “The Unraveling: Pt 2,” in another edition of Paramount Network’s Welcome to the Yellowstone podcast. In it, he names Kevin Costner’s John Dutton the episode MVP.

“John Dutton is an incredibly complicated character,” White says in the video. “I think by the end of the season you start to understand that he’s not just a hero, but he’s very much an anti-hero. He’s very much a complicated man. He’s done some terrible things to try to protect his family. And he’s hurt his own family in a lot of ways by trying to protect them.”

White goes on to call John Dutton the show’s greatest character. “John Dutton… Kevin Costner…. the G.O.A.T,” he says.