‘Yellowstone’ TV: Jefferson White Explains His Favorite Aspects of His Character Jimmy

by Atlanta Northcutt

Jefferson White states his favorite parts of portraying a meek character like Jimmy, one of Yellowstone’s bunkhouse member.]

Favorite “Jimmy” Moment by Jefferson White

In Season 1, when asked about his most beloved Jimmy moments, Jefferson explains the moments he believes are the best for his character.

“That moment when the other wranglers give him that hat,” White says. “It may be the first time he dares to believe he can be something more.”

“It’s the first time Jimmy really smiles,” he adds.

Jimmy wouldn’t necessarily be thought of as a ranch hand regarding his looks. He seems a little less tough than Rip, and he has a much less cowboy aspect. However, White explains how he finds a home in the bunkhouse.

“I think it’s the first time he believes he has a future and that he has some worth,” explains Jefferson White.

When it comes to Jimmy, Jefferson looks into who the character is as a person and who he’s trying to portray.

“I think he’s had an incredibly difficult life,” says Jefferson. “He’s getting this sort of intervention that Rip got when he was 12, but Jimmy gets it at 25.”

Explaining Jimmy on ‘Yellowstone’

Jimmy has internalized most of the hard times in his life.

“Jimmy believes he’s not worth anything, and he’s a piece of s**t,” says White.

The character’s behavior is similar to a fight-or-flight mode in order to survive.

Rip suffered through similarly devastating times at a younger age. Jimmy has been taught he is nothing, which forces him to learn how to be strong.

“He instinctively gets back up, and gets back on the horse because it’s a natural reaction,” says Jefferson White. “He responds in an animalistic manner. When he gets knocked down, he gets back up.”

Jefferson continues to explain how instead of having to learn the way of the ropes at a younger age like Rip, Jimmy has closed his mouth and continued to take the incessant verbal and physical blows until becoming a member of the Dutton Ranch bunkhouse crew.