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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Jefferson White Explains How ‘Music is a Big Part of Storytelling’ For Taylor Sheridan

by Kayla Zadel
Photo credit: Paramount Network / Viacom / Yellowstone TV

We’ve established how awesome the soundtrack for the hit series “Yellowstone” is, and now Jefferson White is furthering our case.

In extra “Yellowstone” content on the Paramount Network Youtube channel, White, who plays Jimmy Hurdstrom, talks about the show’s co-creator’s love for music.

“When I first got to Utah to learn how to ride a horse, before the very first episode of ‘Yellowstone’ started filming, Taylor Sheridan played that song [Green Valley] for me at his house in Park City, Utah,” White says.

“Taylor’s a brilliant writer and music is a part of his process. He’s a brilliant writer but also a brilliant editor and director. I think music is a big part of storytelling for him, so that was part of his show from the very beginning. When it plays during that episode it’s a very powerful moment and it’s sort of the beginning with all of that meaning for Taylor as well.”

Listen to “Green Valley” by Puscifer below.

Jefferson White on Career Inspiration

White continues on this podcast episode talking about his career and where he draws inspiration from. Plus he’s also thankful for actors and actress that have helped him along the way.

“I’ve been really lucky to work with a lot of incredible actors, not just very talented good actors but also very kind and generous and thoughtful actors,” the “Yellowstone” actor states.

“My very first TV show was a show called ‘The Americans’ on FX and my very first scene was with Keri Russell,” White recounts. “I remember her being so good at acting, but I also remember her being so nice to me… to an idiot kid who was coming into her job, stumbling around and she was so patient with me and thoughtful and kind on my very first day on a television set ever.”

As a matter of fact, Jefferson White says that this lesson he learned early on is something that he lives by today.

“I try to show that same kindness and generosity to folks that come onto ‘Yellowstone’ even if it’s just for a couple of days. I try to be as open and kind to them as Carrie Russell was to me because it was such a gift,” details White.

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