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’Yellowstone’ TV: Jefferson White Reveals He’s ‘Low Key Afraid’ of Cole Hauser

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Courtesy of Paramount Network

Yellowstone” star Jefferson White is pretty different from his own screen persona Jimmy. For instance, he doesn’t wear a cowboy hat. But one thing he shares with Jimmy is that he’s afraid of Cole Hauser, the actor who plays Rip Wheeler.

On the “Welcome to Yellowstone” podcast, White discussed a variety of things about the hit TV show, astrological signs, and how he “low key” finds Hauser intimidating as an actor. It certainly helped his performance as Jimmy, who turns from criminal to ranch hand with a little fear of God from Hauser’s Wheeler.

It’s not that off-screen Hauser is some boogeyman. The “Yellowstone” star is just a great actor, and a little bit of Wheeler bleeds into his personality off-screen.

“That dude Cole Hauser, nice guy, nice guy. Also a very frightening guy,” White said “A very powerful presence. He just has so much presence. He’s such a potent force of a human. I think he’s a Leo if that means anything to you. He’s either a Leo or a Taurus. He’s one of the like real bada– like powerful force of nature personalities. And it’s great because Jimmy’s supposed to be afraid of him. Me being a little bit lowkey afraid of Cole Hauser, that only ever helped.”

‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Wonders When Rip Wheeler’s Birthday Is

Actually, White stands corrected. Hauser was born on March 22, making him an Ares or as White puts it a “war soldier.”

But that also got White to thinking. Do Hauser and Wheeler share the same birthday? Or what day of the year does everyone’s favorite ranch hand blow out his candles?

“I’ve never been hurt by an Ares so Ares must be cool,” White said. “I mean I’ve been physically hurt by an Ares – Rip Wheeler. Cole Hauser – is Rip an Ares? Cole’s an Ares. Is Rip an Ares?”

He jokingly figured fans will have to wait until Season 15 to find out. That’s if Jimmy and Wheeler make it that long. The whole Dutton clan and friends were in a pretty rough spot at the end of Season Three.

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