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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Jefferson White Reveals What Famous Actor He Would Want to Replace Him as Jimmy

by Halle Ames
(Photo credit: Yellowstone Gallery / Paramount Network / Viacom)

Yellowstone’s Jefferson White has admitted what famous actor he envisions playing Jimmy if he were not to play the beloved character.

We are sure no one could quite portray the quirky, unathletic, odd cowboy of Jimmy as well as Jefferson White. From the moment he jumped onto a bucking bronco, we knew he was destined for injury. However, it’s impossible to hate him. Jimmy is loyal, innocent (to an extent), and a goofball. Jefferson White perfectly portrays the rodeo-loving ranch hand.

In a 26-minute video posted to YouTube, White takes over the segment, “Welcome to the Yellowstone,” to explain the episode, “The Long Black Train” from season one. He gives a synopsis, gives his “Episode MVP,” and answer questions from fans.

Jefferson White on Jimmy Replacement

White answers a question from a fan wondering who he would cast if another actor were to play his role as Jimmy.

Without any hesitation, White answers “Kevin Costner,” the rugged actor who plays the patriarch of the Dutton family as well as Jimmy’s employer, John Dutton.

“Like an old, grizzly Jimmy–not the old, like a middle-aged Jimmy, you know? That’d be pretty cool.”

In a previous video, when White was asked who the most famous contact on his phone was, again, he quickly answered Kevin Costner.

A bromance or just a schoolgirl crush? That’s for you to decide.

White thought harder on who he would want to be his replacement, while being reminded by producers in the background that it didn’t have to be a Yellowstone actor.

“What’s his name from Breaking Bad? Aaron Paul? Is that his name? Aaron Paul, I always thought had a big Jimmy vibe– of I mean I have a big him vibe if we’re being really honest.”

Aaron Paul plays Jesse Pinkman on the show Breaking Bad. While Jesse Pinkman and Jimmy are both drug addicts in their roles, the two are not very comparable.

I’ve gotta say I get more of a “Jimmy” vibe from actor Will Poulter on “We’re the Millers,” or that know-it-all kid on the Polar Express that says, “Hey, you know what kind of train this is?”

But sure, Costner and Paul work too.