‘Yellowstone’ TV: Jefferson White Shares His Take on ‘Fun Celebrity Name’ for Teeter and Colby

by Jennifer Shea
Paramount Network

Jefferson White, who plays Jimmy on “Yellowstone,” is rooting for Teeter and Colby in a major way.

“I think Colby sees something in Teeter that the rest of us don’t,” White explained in a new behind-the-scenes video clip released by the show’s Twitter account. “Like sees how actually complicated Teeter is. How rich a sort of, and confusing, a person she is. I love that relationship so much. I stan Teeter and Colby big-time.”

“What’s their fun celebrity name?” White wondered. “Tolby? Ceeter? Ceeter. #Ceeter.”

In fact, not only is White a fan of Teeter and Colby’s relationship, he’s a big fan of all things “Yellowstone.” And he proves it on his podcast, “Welcome to the Yellowstone,” in which he energetically – and often hilariously – delves into the key characters and plotlines of each season.

White Says Teeter and Others Were ‘An Infusion of Energy’ on ‘Yellowstone’

After working with an all-male bunkhouse early in the show, White actually valued the sudden introduction of women to the bunkhouse, he said in a November 2020 interview with TV Insider.

“We’ve been doing those bunkhouse scenes for three years at this point,” he said. “So having Hassie Harrison and Eden Brolin and Jen Landon, who plays Teeter, in the bunkhouse in Season 3 was such an infusion of energy. It’s so exciting for me to see all these characters who we’ve established, and we understand their relationships with each other, get just completely exploded with these three new characters who are so different and each have their own very distinct energy that they bring into those scenes.”

Brolin plays Jimmy’s girlfriend, Mia. She urges Jimmy to go back to the rodeo after John Dutton (Kevin Costner) forbids it, out of fear that Jimmy will be seriously injured again. At the end of Season 3, fans were left wondering what would happen to Jimmy. The ranch hand was lying unconscious on the ground after falling off a horse.

Looks like “Yellowstone” fans will have to wait until around June to find out. There’s no date announced for the Season 4 premiere yet. But the Chief Joseph Ranch, the set for the Dutton ranch, hinted at a June launch date, asking on Instagram, “Who is excited for the premiere in June?”

A Fast-Paced New Season

For his part, White is as excited about the new episodes as any serious “Yellowstone” fan.

“It’s incredible,” White said of the upcoming season. “I think Season 4 is the best season yet. We shot it all in Montana, and that really has a transformative effect. I really think it’s an incredible season.”

Last year, Paramount decided to move production of the show from Utah to Montana after the Montana Legislature passed a $10 million tax credit for studios. Show co-creator Taylor Sheridan told Deadline that he spoke to the then-governor of Montana, Steve Bullock, about how to mitigate the risks of bringing the cast and crew into an area where there were no active cases of Covid-19 at that point. They decided that the cast and crew would just hunker down at the ranch, near Missoula, for the duration of filming.

Filming on Season 4 wrapped late last year. When the new episodes drop, White said audiences will have to keep up with a fast-paced season.

“Season 3 had a kind of slow burn pace to it,” White explained. “It was like a slow, simmering build to that finale, which obviously had such a climactic explosion leaving so many of the Duttons in danger, and Season 4 just starts out at this breakneck pace. The first episode of Season 4 is my favorite episode of the show yet, so I just can’t wait for people to see it.”