‘Yellowstone’ TV: Jefferson White Shows Off Behind-the-Scenes Snap of ‘Lloyd’ Actor Forrie J. Smith

by Jon D. B.
Photo credit: Paramount Network / Viacom International Inc / Yellowstone

‘Yellowstone’s Jimmy and photography enthusiast, Jefferson White, just hit fans with an excellent shot of Lloyd’s Forrie J. Smith via traditional film.

To this day, nothing shines like a capture on true physical media. Take this 35mm photograph of ‘Yellowstone’s Forrie J. Smith, for example. Sure, the digital age has seen tremendous growth in pixel output and depth, clarity – you name it. But no DSLR comes close to the feeling this sort of traditional photograph displays immediately.

Posting to his official Instagram Monday, Jimmy Hurdstron actor Jefferson White shares his latest behind-the-scenes shot from cable’s #1 drama. Within, we see Lloyd’s actor and real-life cowboy, Forrie J. Smith, in full 35mm glory. Sporting classic aviators and his trademark plaid/cowboy hat combo, Smith looks ready to take on all of ‘Yellowstone’ himself:

‘Yellowstone’s Jefferson White Loves His Camera

Ah, the bunkhouse. The ranch hands of ‘Yellowstone’ have just about seen it all within its walls – good and bad. Through it all, however, some truly timeless friendships have developed both on and off-screen. One such friendship exists between White and Smith. With actors closer to his age, however, White has spawned friendships he says are “as close as brothers.”

‘Yellowstone‘s Jefferson White has put his photography skills to the test on one of these brothers, too. He often shares behind-the-scenes photos shot in 35mm to his Instagram. One of his other recent efforts includes”brother” Ian Bohen, who plays Ryan on our favorite modern Western.

Young Jefferson White is just as much an amateur photographer as he is an actor, it would seem. While he enjoys sharing his photography with fans & followers via social media, his shots also give us great, classically-shot glimpses of his fellow actors out of character.

“Ian on 35mm. Behind the scenes of @yellowstone Season 3,” Jefferson White shared to his official Instagram. Within, we see Yellowstone‘s Ryan actor looking mighty fine whilst (we assume) roping off-frame cattle.

White has also shared shots of Colby’s Denim Richards in 35mm, alongside several more of Bohen. Jimmy may have himself a man-crush on ol’ Ian, methinks. In addition, he’s shot Walker’s Ryan Bingham on 120, too, which you can view here.

It’s also interesting to see White’s photography progress. With each capture, the actor’s multi-talented nature is on full display. He’s definitely learned a thing or two of this separate artform, too. Quite a few of his shots are pretty stunning, to say the least. And it doesn’t hurt, of course, that ‘Yellowstone’s cast is made up of Hollywood lookers.

The Jimmy Hurdstrom actor’s future is bright with or without photography, as well. White’s character is not only set to return for ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 – but for the spinoff, ‘6666,’ too.