‘Yellowstone’ TV: Jefferson White Talks to His 90-Year-Old Biggest Fan ‘Nanny’ and It’s Adorable

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

From teenagers to millennials to baby boomers to anything in between, the hit Paramount Network show “Yellowstone” is popular for all ages.

In a recent video, Jefferson White, who plays Jimmy Hurdstrom on the show, recapped season one episode eight “The Unravelling: Pt.1.”

White Meets Biggest ‘Yellowstone’ Fan

Beyond just the recap, he also answers fans’ questions, listens to voicemails, and also talks to the greatest fan of “Yellowstone” to ever exist.

While she is the biggest fan of the show, she also claims to be the biggest fan of Jimmy as well.

The fan in question is Nanny, the grandmother of one of the producers. When he dials her up and says who’s on the phone, her response is “I’ll tell you, my 90-year-old heart is pounding.”

White spends the interview laughing and smiling while talking to the extremely energetic and funny Nanny over the phone. When he asks who her favorite character is, she says it’s him. She swears adamantly that it is not just because he’s on the phone.

“I have a favorite character, I’m talking to him right now … I have no filter Jimmy,” Nanny assures White.

She also gives him the major ego boost by saying, “I don’t know what it is about you, but I love you.”

Nanny and the Beauty Shop Ladies

Nanny is baffled by the idea of talking to one of her favorite characters so much. In fact, she cannot wait to go tell the other women at the beauty shop.

Multiple times she said something along the lines of, “Wait until I tell the girls at the beauty shop!”

The beauty shop is clearly “Yellowstone” fan-centric. Nanny claims that all her friends there are big fans of the show and will be so jealous when they hear about who she got to spend about five minutes on the phone with. While she is so excited to talk to Jimmy from “Yellowstone” she forgot that she is actually talking to real-life actor Jefferson White.

When she calls him Jimmy, her grandaughter chimes in to say that isn’t his actual name, she’s talking to the actor. She again shares her enthusiasm.

Once some of Nanny’s enthusiasm fades, she is able to offer some of her life wisdom. She shares with the studio that she doesn’t care about the swearing and it’s not the first time she’s heard it.

Nanny says that “for unlawful carnal knowledge” is something she already knows about and is the acronym for the word popular “Yellowstone” swear word.

When White and her granddaughter ask if that acronym is true, she exclaims, “Everything I say is true.”

Once they hang up with Nanny, White is so excited by the heartwarming conversation with one of his oldest, most loyal fans.

“I think one of the morals of ‘Yellowstone’ is to talk to your family, the value of family, loyalty. That’s incredible, what a beautiful thing,” White said about the interaction.

The ladies at the beauty shop will surely be ecstatic to hear all about it. They are also probably excited by the upcoming 2021 release of “Yellowstone” season four.