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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Jefferson White, Who Plays Jimmy, Explains Why Rip Wheeler is Season 1 Episode 4’s VIP

by Jon D. B.
(Photo credit: Paramount Network / Viacom)

Jefferson White knows his MVP for Yellowstone Season 1 Episode 4 – and he’s all in for his support of everyone’s favorite rebel watchdog, Rip Wheeler.

Episode 4 of Season 1, “The Long Black Train,” still stands as one of Yellowstone‘s all-time best. And it also happens to be Jimmy actor Jefferson White’s favorite episode of all time.

So much happens in this episode for Kayce & Monica, Rip & Beth, John Dutton & grandson Tate – you name it. Out of all the intensity of S1 Episode 4, however, White knows exactly who his MVP is: Rip Wheeler.

White doesn’t hesitate when making this claim, either. “This is a big Rip episode,” White smiles. “Rip sort of comes to Jimmy’s rescue – has this beautiful speech about what it means to wear the brand – and then also we get to see Rip and Beth deepening their relationship at this bar,” he lists, clearly having his evidence for such a claim on lockdown.

“Big Rip Wheeler episode!” He exclaims.

Furthering his point, White hilariously clues us in on his “grandmother’s favorite line of the episode.” Yep – you read that right. So what is Grandma White’s favorite line of Episode 4?

“Gee, I f*cking wonder, Jimmy,” says Rip.

“My grandma likes all the swearing on the show,” White smirks.

Rip Wheeler is S1 Ep4 MVP

But what truly makes Rip Wheeler the MVP of the episode in ‘Jimmy’s’ eyes? For White, it all has to do with the meaning of the Yellowstone brand – and the family it personifies.

Within Ep4, after the ranch hands wrangle their loose cattle, Jimmy – and a calf – get left behind. It’s here that Jimmy must decide if he wants to be a “real cowboy” and “do real cowboy sh*t” – and rescue this calf. Luckily for Jimmy, and us – the audience – he does just that. After he brings the calf back, however, things get even harder.

“So… after Jimmy brings this calf back, Fred bullies Jimmy,” White says. “He deliberately picks a fight with him. Jimmy – being tough and plucky, but not super smart – gets in a fight with Fred. And basically just gets his ass kicked.

“Until,” White exclaims, “Rip and Lloyd show up and kick the sh*t out of Fred. And basically, for the first time, show us what it means to wear the brand. And show us what it means to be a branded man on the Yellowstone Ranch.”

“So we learn – very importantly – that to f*ck with a branded man is ill-advised. And Rip says to Jimmy, ‘These other wranglers, they come and go, but we’re family. We belong to this place.'”

In the fourth episode of “Welcome to the Yellowstone,” Jefferson White (aka Jimmy Hurdstrom) breaks down season 1, episode 4, “The Long Black Train.” Fred picks a fight with Jimmy and learns the hard way that you never mess with a branded man. Season 4 of Yellowstone, cable’s No. 1 drama, returns in 2021, only on Paramount Network.


For both Jimmy actor Jefferson White, and Rip Wheeler fans across the globe – naming Rip MVP of this episode (or any episode he’s in, really) couldn’t be more true.

Thankfully, Rip will be back in 2021 for more Yellowstone action with Season 4. Until we have a release date, we have a dozen Cole Hauser Movies To Watch While Waiting to See Rip Wheeler in ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 to tide you over.

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