‘Yellowstone’ TV: Jefferson White, Who Plays Jimmy, Reveals His Favorite Moments of Season 1

by Jennifer Shea

Jefferson White has been hosting a show, “Welcome to the Yellowstone,” in which he dishes about the Paramount Network’s hit TV series.

The actor, who plays Jimmy the ranch hand — and who had never ridden a horse before he joined the series — is also a serious fan of “Yellowstone.”

Jefferson White Digs Into ‘Yellowstone’

On Episode 10 of the show, White really delved into Season 1 of “Yellowstone,” offering a sweeping overview of the season and a recap of some of his favorite moments from it. 

“Over the course of this first season, the tensions between John Dutton and Thomas Rainwater are exacerbated by these cows that wander off of John Dutton’s land and onto Rainwater’s land,” White explained. “That sort of sets the stage for a bunch of conflict that’s gonna go back and forth between those two.”

White also picked his favorite moments for the major characters over the course of Season 1. 

“My favorite John Dutton (Kevin Costner) moment?” White said. “He’s on the porch with Casey (Luke Grimes), when Casey finally comes home… He sort of has this beautiful scene with Casey where he says, ‘Look, all I’ve ever tried to do is protect you.’” 

“We’ve seen them sort of dance around eachother for an entire season,” White added. “And we know that there’s this trauma in their past. We know that they are two sort of strong-headed men who don’t necessarily solve their problems with words very often. So this moment of them trying to talk, trying to connect – and not necessarily succeeding, not necessarily understanding eachother – that’s my favorite John Dutton moment.”

His Favorite Character May Surprise You

White freely admits that Casey is his favorite “Yellowstone” character. And he struggled to pick just one favorite Casey scene. But he finally came up with the one in which Casey gets kicked out of a hospital waiting room.

“I love Casey sort of trying to navigate… the sequence in the hospital,” White said. “When Monica has had a concussion and is in the hospital and – I love it so much – Tate sort of freaks out. And these nurses are trying to restrain Tate. And in that moment, it just is such a clear distillation of Casey’s code.”

“Casey walks into that room,” he went on, “and just punches a nurse in the face. Just immediately. He just like instinctually, instantly, fights to protect his son, under any circumstances. Against any odds, Casey goes to bat for his family. And I think that’s incredible.”

Jimmy Gets a New Hat

When it came to Jamie (Wes Bentley), White was passionate about his favorite scene. It was when Jamie had to separate himself from the family to pursue his political ambitions.

“When John Dutton has told Jamie that he’s not gonna support his bid for state office,” White recalled. “And Jamie’s with Christina, trying to decide if he’s gonna go against his dad, maybe for the first time in his life… I fucking love that moment for Jamie, when he decides that – he has the line in there, ‘To protect my father’s legacy, I have to kill the man’… This idea that he is for the first time contending with his personal agency in this. And he’s like taking responsibility for his own actions, instead of constantly being a good soldier and serving the will of John Dutton.”

As for Beth (Kelly Reilly), White basically punted, naming multiple scenes at once. But he effusively praised Reilly’s ability to fully inhabit all of Beth’s contradictions. And for Rip (Cole Hauser), White said his favorite scene had to be the one in the car with Beth out at the park, when they watch wolves tear into an elk.

“He’s got this incredible sort of wisdom,” White said of Rip. “Amazing.”

And lastly, of course, is his favorite Jimmy (Jefferson White) moment.

“That moment when the other wranglers give him that hat,” White said. “I think it’s like maybe the first time that he dares to believe that he can be something more… I think he for the first time believes that he has a future, and that he has some worth.”

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