‘Yellowstone’ TV: Jefferson White Wishes Fellow Co-Star Cole Hauser a Happy Birthday With a ‘Boss’ Photo

by Halle Ames

Jefferson White, the actor that plays Jimmy on Yellowstone, wishes his co-star Cole Hauser a happy birthday on social media. 

Although Jimmy and Rip don’t exactly get along on Yellowstone, Jefferson White adores Cole Hauser in reality. 

On the show, Rip is constantly getting onto Jimmy for being such a goof and out of place on the ranch. However, even though Rip is the one that brought him there, it is a tough-love situation, where Rip wants to see Jimmy succeed, although he will never admit it. 

Besides, the two are bonded for life. Both Rip and Jimmy bear a large “Y” brand on their chest to show their loyalty to the ranch.  

Jefferson White’s Social Media Post

Today, for Hauser’s 46th birthday, Jefferson White posted an Instagram story with a majestic photo of Hauser, dressed as Rip with the caption “‘Happy Birthday Boss!!!” White tagged both Cole Hauser and Yellowstone in the story. 

The photo Jefferson White embedded in the celebratory post was an old one that White posted on his timeline in August of 2020. 

The photo portrays the rough and tough Hauser, dressed as the cowboy Rip Wheeler. The actor sports a dark beard, cowboy hat, and sunglasses as he gazes over a valley surrounded by beautiful mountains. A cowboy and cowgirl are seen in the distance as well. 

Jefferson White captions the mid-pandemic post about how grateful he is for the fan’s support of the hit western drama. He also shares a message about how he is inspired every day by the love of others. 

“Thank you so much for all your kind words about @yellowstone. It’s an honor to be a small part of your week, especially at this deeply difficult time. I’m inspired every day by all the folks I see making changes to protect each other. Protecting each other, keeping each other safe, is the only way through. We’re all in this together.”

Yellowstone and Fans Celebrate Hauser

Jefferson White isn’t the only account to wish Hauser a happy birthday. The Yellowstone social media account paid tribute to the cowboy with a gritty Rip Wheeler picture this morning. 

“Happy Birthday to the one and only @colehauser! #YellowstoneTV

Fans commented on the post, guessing how Rip would celebrate his special day. 

“Bet Rip Wheeler celebrates his birthday by beating up some disrespectful bikers or putting a grizzly bear in its place… betcha,” another fan chimed in. “He doesn’t do clean up on aisle Jamie again on his birthday.”

Whatever his plans are, we here at Outsider would like to wish him a happy birthday! We hope it is a special one!