‘Yellowstone’ TV: ‘Jimmy’ Actor Jefferson White Posts Incredible Behind-the-Scenes of ‘Ryan’ at the Dutton Ranch

by Jon D. B.

‘Yellowstone‘s Jimmy, Jefferson White, has himself a man-crush on ‘Ryan’s Ian Bohen – and with this behind-the-scenes photo, it’s easy to see why.

Ah, the bunkhouse. The ranch hands of Yellowstone have just about seen it all within its walls – good and bad. Through it all, however, some truly timeless friendships have developed both on and off-screen. One such friendship exists between actors Jefferson White and Ian Bohen, with the two “as close as brothers.”

Young Jimmy’s Jefferson White is also an amateur photographer, and enjoys sharing his photography with fans & followers via social media. And as you may have guessed, his latest share is of ol’ rugged Ian Bohen himself.

“Ian on 35mm. Behind the scenes of @yellowstone Season 3,” Jefferson White shares to his official Instagram. Within, we see Yellowstone‘s Ryan actor looking mighty fine whilst (we assume) roping off-frame cattle.

Check out the behind-the-scenes shot of Ryan during Season 3 of Yellowstone below. Then, we’ll get down to the brass tacks of these two’s hilarious friendship.

‘Yellowstone’s Bunkouse Friendships are Priceless

These raucous friends, who play ranch hands Jimmy and Ryan respectively, are a source of endless entertainment, indeed. Alongside fellow bunker Denim Richards (for those playing the home game, that’s Colby) , these three never fail to make Yellowstone fans smile – especially when in the same room or scene.

One fine example of this comes from their recent BTS discussion of just who is the highest maintenance in the bunkhouse.

“Without a shadow of a doubt or pause, both Denim and Ian vote for Denim as the highest maintenance,” says Outsider’s Halle Ames.

Jimmy’s Jefferson White, however, thinks otherwise. “The highest maintenance? It’s me. I’m the high maintenance one,” laughs White.

Colby’s Denim Richards has honest disagreements with this, though. “He said he is the highest maintenance one? No! Absolutely not!”

Ryan’s Ian Bohen agrees, too. “He doesn’t require anything. He is on the cusp of growing facial hair… any year now. And he’s got perfect skin because he is seventeen.”

For the entire (absolutely hysterical) interview with these three, head on over to our Yellowstone Stars Reveal the ‘Highest Maintenance’ in the Dutton Ranch Bunkhouse next.

Where will Yellowstone Season 4 take these three? We’ll know for sure come this summer. Before then, parent studio Paramount is expected to announce an official release date and trailer. Keep your eyes peeled for it, and all the latest from our favorite show, here on Outsider.com.