‘Yellowstone’ TV: Jimmy Actor Jefferson White Declares Sylvester Stallone ‘The King’ Sharing Awesome ‘Rocky’ Pic

by Thad Mitchell

Among the many up and coming stars on the Paramount Network smash hit “Yellowstone” is veteran actor Jefferson White.

On “Yellowstone” White plays the quirky, but lovable, Methamphetamine cook turned cowboy Jimmy Hurdstrom. We first meet Jimmy in the very first episode of the show. Chilling out in his mobile home, Jimmy also quickly gets acquainted with Yellowstone Ranch foreman Rip Wheeler. It isn’t a pleasant first meeting as Rip tells Jimmy that he’s either coming to the ranch or going to jail. Jimmy chooses the ranch and is immediately bestowed with a “Yellowstone” brand to his dismay. But Jimmy has quickly become a favorite among the show’s fans for his innocent demeanor and willingness to learn the cowboy way.

The credit for Jimmy’s rise in popularity belongs to Jefferson White, who plays the young Yellowstone ranch hand to perfection. Much like every actor, White has his role models and examples that he looks up to in the world of Hollywood. One of the actors Jefferson admires is Sylvester Stallone, who we all know as “Rocky” in the boxing-theme franchise. White took the opportunity to salute Stallone when a picture of the actor began circulating on social media. He simply calls Stallone “The King” in commenting on the photo.

“This Throwback Thursday, we are throwing it back to 1985 on the set of Rocky IV with Sly himself,” the Instagram post says.

Using the provided photo, the “Yellowstone” makes a post on his own Instagram page, declaring Sly to be “The King.”

In addition to his role on “Yellowstone,” White is also a filmmaker and an accomplished photographer. He often shares behind-the-scenes photos of the “Yellowstone” set on his social media pages. His Instagram is full of pics featuring the actors that make up the Yellowstone cast.

With a brand new season of “Yellowstone” just around the corner, fans are curious about what is to come for Jimmy. The first step in answering that question will be determining if the ranch hand is dead or alive. The last we see of Jimmy in season three he’s falling off of a bucking horse. He lies face down in the dirt with his eyes closed as the camera pans away. Most fans believe Jimmy survives the fall and will live to see another day on the ranch.

While he could be alive after the fall, his attempt to rodeo again isn’t likely to set well with John Dutton. After his injury in a previous season, John takes care of Jimmy’s medical bills with the condition that he no longer does rodeo. But, his love for Mia and her desire for him to continue riding bucking horses will be a strong draw.

We will find out what happens to Jimmy and the rest of the “Yellowstone” crew this fall.