‘Yellowstone’ TV: ‘Jimmy’ Actor Jefferson White Drops Incredible Behind-the-Scenes Pic of ‘Walker’ Star Ryan Bingham

by Thad Mitchell

Filming for the fourth and latest season of Yellowstone is all but done and now some behind-the-scenes are being offered up to fans.

An excellent photographer, Jefferson White, who plays ranch hand Jimmy, recently took to social media for a look behind the Yellowstone curtain. White shares a spectacular photo of fellow Yellowstone castmate Ryan Bingham, who plays bunkhouse trouble maker and ranch hand, Walker. The photo shows Bingham preparing for an upcoming scene in the bunkhouse while White looks on with camera in hand.

“Ryan Bingham on 120 mm,” Jefferson says of the post.

The photo shows Bingham as Walker in his trademark white cowboy hat with a denim shirt and suspenders. The actor certainly looks like a cowboy ready for a day of work at Yellowstone Ranch.

The Saturday afternoon post took in more than 8,000 “likes” and hundreds of comments. One of those likes came from none other than Yellowstone lead actor and lover of all things western, Kevin Costner. Many Yellowstone fans took to the comments section to compliment White on his photography skills. Others comment on Bingham’s modern western style that he pulls off so well.

The storylines of Walker and Jimmy are going to be two of the most interesting subplots in season four. We last see Jimmy falling off a bucking horse and lying face down on the ground motionless. His fate is left very much up in the air in the finale as he could be dead or alive. At the very least, he has probably badly injured himself trying to get back into the rodeo to impress Mia.

Yellowstone patriarch John Dutton is likely to be upset with Jimmy, after telling him he would cover his medical bills. He also tells Jimmy he can’t rodeo anymore if he wants to remain on Yellowstone Ranch. There are several different directions his story could take.

Walker is living on borrowed time as his life has been spared multiple times by Kayce Dutton. He has drawn the ire of bunkhouse boss Rip Wheeler more than a couple of times. Why anyone would want to tick off Rip is beyond reason. Walker is likely down to his last chance on the ranch, so he will have to be on his best behavior — which isn’t his strong suit.

Yellowstone fans are counting down the days until the fourth season arrives. Now just months away, the wait will soon be over for new episodes.