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‘Yellowstone’ TV: ‘Jimmy’ Actor Jefferson White Fires Back at Fan Who Slammed His ‘Roping’ Skills

by Thad Mitchell

Forgive “Yellowstone” actor Jefferson White, who plays ranch hand Jimmy, if he is a little testy regarding his roping skills.

While he plays a cowboy on the hit Paramount Network series, White doesn’t have a ton of experience with a lasso. White’s character, Jimmy, has been a mainstay on the show since the first episode. In the pilot, Jimmy is given the choice to leave behind his life of crime for a second chance at Yellowstone Ranch.

Initially resisting the idea, Rip Wheeler is able to change his mind with a branding iron. Jimmy accepts the offer and receives the Yellowstone brand as a symbol of his commitment to his new life and to the ranch.

Jimmy has one of the most interesting stories on “Yellowstone”. Formerly a methamphetamine cook for a drug ring, his plight is all about fitting into his new surroundings and relationships with fellow ranch hands. It takes some time but Jimmy is eventually accepted as “one of the guys” despite his lack of experience as a cowboy.

Yellowstone Fan Questions Jefferson White’s Roping Skills

Recently, Jefferson was forced to defend his average roping skills when called out on social media. To promote the Valentine’s Day marathon of the show, “Yellowstone” tweets out a video showing Jimmy atop a horse, slinging his rope. When a social media user questions his skills, Jefferson points to his youth. It lead to a funny back and forth between the two.

The poster suggests that Jefferson might need a few more roping lessons to improve upon his lack of skill.

“Listen, I was very young!” the actor replies.

The Twitter user pushes the subject further before apologizing if he offended the Yellowstone actor. A good sport, Jefferson says he will continue working on his craft.

“Hahaha all good brother,” Jefferson says. “I’ll keep trying to make you proud sometime down the line.”

There is still some mystery as to how Jimmy will play into the upcoming fourth season of “Yellowstone”. He was last seen being bucked off of a horse and appeared to be unconscious lying on the ground.

Is Jimmy badly hurt? Is he even still alive? Will his girlfriend Mia play a role in nursing him back to health?

“Yellowstone” fans are left to ponder these questions as we wait for the new season to arrive.