‘Yellowstone’ TV: ‘Jimmy’ Actor Jefferson White Reveals Co-Star Who Helped Him Through ‘Hardest Times’

by Halle Ames

Jefferson White, who plays Jimmy on Yellowstone, may go through hell on screen, but who is still there when the cameras are off?

Throughout the Yellowstone series, Jimmy has stumbled his way through the bunkhouse and ranch, just hoping to get by. As a recovering drug addict, Jimmy is a fish out of water among the cowboys.

Upon finally finding out that his noodly body can take a beating at bareback riding at the rodeo, Jimmy excels at the sport until breaking himself basically in two pieces.

As we said, Jimmy regularly goes through hell.

If it were the show, Jimmy, played by Jefferson White, would most likely turn to his barrel racing girlfriend, Mia. Who would he turn to in real life, however? A fellow bunkhouse cowboy, of course.

The series Twitter account posted a behind-the-scenes clip, where Jefferson White talks about his good friend and co-star, Denim Richards.

“All my friends in one place, how lucky we are,” states White. “Denim Richards is incredibly emotionally intelligent and has helped me through some of the hardest times of my life.”

Jefferson White Reveals ‘Facts’ About Denim Richards

What are more attributes Richards possesses than just helping Jefferson White through his trouble? Glad you asked. White also highlighted some potentially accurate facts about Richards.

“Denim Richards is a vegan.”

We can report that he is not vegan. However, Richards has revealed that he is very cautious about what he eats.

“I have a very specific diet. And then he (Jefferson White) will see me, and I’ve got like lettuce and fish.”

Jefferson White also says that “Denim Richards is a very, very talented opera singer.”

To this statement, we can confirm he is. Yellowstone frequently posts clips of Richards belting out a couple of notes while getting his hair and makeup done. TVOvermind also said he was a “classically trained opera singer” in an interview.

“I always loved singing, I was doing plays, and then the plays kind of got me into doing musical theater…I think I was probably sixteen when I started my first official opera lesson, and it was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done.” He added, “I was crying in the voice lesson because it was so difficult.”

Talk about a man of many talents!

Jefferson White reveals a few more ‘facts’ about Richards, including his love for Boston Terriers and the movie The Danish Girl.

“Denim Richards loves Boston Terriers. I think he has like seven Boston Terriers almost literally. And Denim Richards loves the film The Danish Girl. He once told me that was an elite acting movie.”

Denim Richards isn’t the only bunkhouse member Jefferson White states some questionable facts about. Read here about what he has to say about Ian Bohen, the actor who plays Ryan.