‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is ‘Jimmy’ Basically a Carbon Copy of a ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Character?

by Thad Mitchell

As they continue to wait for a new season of Yellowstone, fans are passing the time by — well — talking about Yellowstone, of course.

Season four of the hit Paramount Network series will premiere sometime this summer — likely in the month of June. Until then, Yellowstone fans have taken up residence in online forum communities to discuss their favorite show. Message board sites, like Reddit and other social media pages, have become a haven for fans to post theories, speculate on the show’s future, and join in on the general discussion about Yellowstone.

Some fans of the show enjoy making comparisons of Yellowstone to other popular television shows. A common theme in these comparisons is the similarities between Yellowstone and Sons of Anarchy. The latter is a show about the adventures of a motorcycle club that takes pride in the unlawful. Sons of Anarchy enjoyed a great deal of success in its run from 2008 to 2014. Much like Yellowstone, the show built a robust and loyal fan base that kept ratings high.

Fans also compare the characters on both shows to each other. Recently, a Reddit poster compares everyone’s favorite inept Yellowstone ranch hand, Jimmy, to a similar character on Sons of Anarchy. The character’s name is “Half-Sack” and much like Jimmy, he is learning the ropes the hard way. The other members of the biking club love to give Half-Sack a hard time, hazing him and assigning him tough tasks. Half-Sack was a prospect to join the club but had to prove his worth.

‘Yellowstone’ Proves to be a Challenge for Jimmy

It is much the same situation that Jimmy found himself in at the beginning of the Yellowstone series. A former methamphetamine cook, Jimmy is given a second chance by Rip Wheeler. In return, Jimmy must work on Yellowstone Ranch and receives the “Y” brand from Rip, a symbol of trust on the ranch.

On his first day, Jimmy is tied to a wild horse and told he must stay on the horse’s back. After fellow ranch hand Fred tries to fight Jimmy, Rip intervenes and sends Fred to the “train station.” Rip then explains to Jimmy that Yellowstone Ranch is now his home and his family.

It takes time but Jimmy earns his keep on Yellowstone Ranch and also the respect of the other cowboys.

Season four will be an interesting one for Jimmy. After falling off of a bucking horse at the end of season three, his status is very much up in the air. But, Jimmy has become a fan-favorite and there is hope he survives the fall and is able to carry on.