‘Yellowstone’ TV: Does Jimmy Choose John Dutton and the Ranch or Side With His Girlfriend Mia in Season 4?

by Halle Ames

The tale as old as time itself. Will Jimmy choose his friends at the ranch and the man that arguably saved him, John Dutton or his girlfriend, Mia.

We have been debating this scenario as well.

On One Hand..

On the one hand, Jimmy has formed friendships with all the men in the bunkhouse.

Without the Yellowstone, Jimmy would have surely died from an overdose or an explosion in his meth trailer. It was John Dutton who took him in. Don’t get us wrong, Jimmy didn’t have much of a choice in the matter and had to be branded and is forced to do hard cowboy labor, but he is alive nonetheless.

The odd, noodly man had learned to ride a horse and excelled at rodeoing. It was here that Jimmy met Mia.

On the Other…

This brings us to the other side of the argument. You know when you were a teenager, and you first fell in love, it’s that “puppy love” situation. You think you know everything, and this other person hung the moon. Yeah, that’s where Jimmy is. He just hit that stage a little later than most.

Jimmy and Mia met at a rodeo, and things quickly escalated from there. Now, the two never leave each other’s side, and while Mia supports Jimmy’s dreams, she is also pulling him further from the ranch.

After Jimmy hurt himself rodeoing, John Dutton told him that he was no longer allowed to do the one thing he excelled at. In exchange, John would pay for the hefty medical bills Jimmy racked up.

Mia, the little bird in Jimmy’s ear, is telling him not to give up on his dreams. She says that he shouldn’t care what John Dutton thinks. This may add to us not really loving Mia’s character.

Additionally, Mia condemns Jimmy for the large brand on his chest, explaining that brands are a symbol of property. Jimmy sees it as being part of a group. A sense of belonging.

John Dutton or Mia?

So the question remains, who will Jimmy side with? The first girl he dated and rodeo or John Dutton and his friends at the ranch.

Jefferson White, the actor that portrays Jimmy, may give a hint.

“I think for Jimmy, he has always just kind of gravitated towards the strongest voice in the room. He’s always just clung on to any port in the storm, and Rip and Lloyd have been so kind to him, even when they’ve been difficult taskmasters. I think this is the first time in Jimmy’s life that he has the luxury of choice and the privilege of choice and to be confronted with that is kind of terrifying.”

“I think for the first time he has to ask himself what Jimmy wants, not what his boss wants.”

Does this mean he rides into the sunset with Mia? We highly doubt Rip and John Dutton will just roll over and let that happen. Just look at what happened to Wade, who left with a brand on his chest… he didn’t have a chest anymore.