‘Yellowstone’ TV: Will Jimmy Be Forced to Pick Sides Between Rip and Walker?

by Thad Mitchell

The wait is coming to end for fans of Paramount Network series Yellowstone as a new season of the heavily popular will begin next month.

No, we still don’t have an exact date for when the fourth and newest season of Yellowstone will begin. Despite the vagueness, producers of the show have consistently said to expect a premiere in June. Previous seasons of Yellowstone have premiered on Father’s Day, which falls on June 20. That could be a date that fans of the modern western drama want to pay attention to.

Through the past couple of seasons, one of the most fascinating storylines to follow has been the war between Rip Wheeler and Yellowstone ranch hand, Walker. The two cowboys don’t have much in the way of love for each other. Since picking Walker up from prison and taking him to the ranch, Rip has tried numerous times to kill Walker. His contempt for the former prisoner lies within his love for Beth Dutton. While attempting to re-teach Beth how to ride a horse, Walker makes a move on her, angering Rip. Walker has survived mostly due to Kayce Dutton’s interference in Rip’s plans. The ranch hand survives a trip to the “train station” when Kayce takes pity on him, much to Rip’s dismay.

Though it hasn’t yet, the rivalry between Rip and Walker is likely to take a toll on the Yellowstone bunkhouse crew. Actors Jefferson White (Jimmy) and Ian Bohen (Ryan) made some interesting comments regarding the future of the bunkhouse.

Their comments seem to suggest that the ranch hands will have to pick a side between Rip and Walker. Bohen was quick to note that Ryan is “Team Rip” all the way but White says Jimmy prefers middle ground. In fact, he says Jimmy would much rather take Kayce Dutton’s side in the rivalry.

“He (Kayce) sort of steps in to try to advocate for reason in a context where reason has sort of gone out the window,” White says.

It would tough to watch for Yellowstone fans if Jimmy turns on Rip. The two have had a budding and hilarious “bromance” since season one when Rip bestows the Yellowstone brand to Jimmy.

It will be interesting to see the division in the Yellowstone bunkhouse as the new season draws near. If the crew is forced to take a side, could we see an all-out bunkhouse battle?

With season four just weeks away, answers to our Yellowstone questions are coming soon.