‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is Jimmy the Least Likely to Survive Season 3 Cliffhanger?

by Jennifer Shea

On “Yellowstone,” Jimmy Hurdstrom (Jefferson White) has become a fan favorite. But fans are now speculating that Jimmy may not be long for this world in Season 4.

As Season 3 ended, Jimmy had just made a choice. Faced with dueling ultimatums after a nasty rodeo accident – one from his boss, John Dutton (Kevin Costner), that he give up rodeo, and one from his girlfriend Mia (Eden Brolin), that he stop acting like some rich man’s cattle – he chose to get back on a horse in preparation for a return to the sport. He promptly got tossed from the horse and landed in a painful position, knocked unconscious by the fall.

Would series co-creator Taylor Sheridan really piss off fans by writing Jimmy out of the show? Well, on “Yellowstone,” anything is possible. And furthermore, we give you the Nov. 7 Season 4 premiere date. Fans expected it in June. And for months, they were livid about the unexplained delay, peppering the “Yellowstone” social accounts with demands for the Season 4 premiere already.

Is Jimmy Likely to Get Written Off ‘Yellowstone’?

As fans recently pointed out on Reddit, we have yet to see a shot of a live, walking Jimmy in any of the Season 4 trailers. So what happens after his latest horseback riding accident?

“We all agree that Jimmy doesn’t look all that good in the trailers,” one fan posted. “We seem to be split on whether or not he lives or dies. Any thoughts on if he’ll go the way of daytime soaps and be in a coma for most of season 4? Would be interesting – we’d get to see how loyal Mia is to an unresponsive lump of flesh.”

Another fan pointed out that Jimmy can’t die, and it’s unlikely he ends up in a coma, either. White has already signed on to a “Yellowstone” spinoff, “6666,” so while he may exit the Dutton Ranch in the not-so-distant future, he’ll have to be alive and ambulatory to do it.

How Will John Dutton Take Jimmy’s Defiance?

Yet another “Yellowstone” fan pointed out that Jimmy may be leaving the Dutton Ranch soon even if he survives. Dutton was kind enough to pay Jimmy’s hospital bills once, but he’s not patient enough to do it twice, and he doesn’t take well to insubordination.

“I agree,” that fan posted. “Even though he’s branded, I think John lets him go because he didn’t listen and got back up on a rodeo horse. As a businessman John can’t afford to pay Jimmy’s hospital bills or his salary while he’s repeatedly risking his life. I have a feeling Walker might get to leave because he sides with and helps the Duttons in the aftermath of the attacks.”

Walker (Ryan Bingham) is also likely to appear in the “6666” spinoff, as Bingham has reportedly signed on to join that series, too.

Ultimately, fans agreed that, bad as things look for Jimmy right now, he probably won’t die from his fall. How long he stays at the Dutton Ranch is another question, however.

But that’s just one more reason for fans to tune in for the “Yellowstone” Season 4 premiere on Nov. 7. As the trailers have promised, revenge for those vicious attacks on the Duttons is on the way.