‘Yellowstone’ TV: John Dutton Actor Kevin Costner Captured in Behind the Scenes Helicopter Pic

by Jennifer Shea

Kevin Costner is an old pro at acting. And that includes the more technical aspects of the craft. That much is clear from an action shot of Costner captured during filming on Season 1 of “Yellowstone.”

A fan account, KevinCostnerLegacy, posted the picture to Instagram on Sunday. The photo depicts Costner in what looks like a helicopter planted on a soundstage. He’s surrounded by cameras capturing his facial expressions from various angles.

“Behind the scene where it all began. November 2017,” the fan wrote. “The AS350 Astar helicopter that John Dutton flew during the very first episode of @yellowstone Daybreak (Season 1) that aired June 20, 2018 is an aviation mockup, shown here on a motion base (gimbal) on stage during filming.”

‘Yellowstone’ Is a Good Time

Costner both stars in and executive produces “Yellowstone,” which is costly for the Paramount Network and demanding for the actors who appear in it. But Costner seems to be enjoying himself along the way.

“If I’m not having a good time doing something, [I] stop doing it,” Costner told Rolling Stone in 2019.

While he has sometimes struggled to justify his character John Dutton’s actions, Costner seems to believe in “Yellowstone.” He has said he always puts the audience on his shoulder, figuratively speaking, when he’s mulling over a project. And his instincts seem to have served him well on “Yellowstone.” The series is beloved by its fans, and it shattered ratings records in its Season 3 premiere and Season 3 finale.

Costner’s understated and gruff yet ruthless “Yellowstone” character owes some of his steely determination to Costner’s own nature, as Costner made clear in the interview with Rolling Stone. He said he makes no apologies for who he is or what he loves to do, whether that’s taking a role that cuts against type or singing in a band.

“I’m a six-foot white guy who f—ing makes cowboy movies and baseball movies and gets to play the hero, and no one mistakes me for anything but America,” he told Rolling Stone. “I’m in a really good category, if you will. But I’m also going to make ‘Mr. Brooks’ and I’m going to direct and I’m going to make music if I want to, and I’m not going to worry about the people who are willing to cut my head off and watch it roll down the street.”

When Does Season 4 Kick Off?

“Yellowstone” fans have been waiting a long time for Season 4, but they won’t have to wait much longer. According to the Instagram account of the Chief Joseph Ranch, the real-world setting of the fictional Dutton ranch, the Season 4 premiere is likely to happen sometime next month.

“That’s a wrap on filming Season 4!” the ranch posted after production wrapped last November. “Who is excited for the premiere in June?”

The exact date of the premiere has yet to be announced. But in the meantime, “Yellowstone” fans have been busy on the Reddit boards, debating plot intricacies and favorite moments from the show. And they should have more grist for debate coming down the pike real soon.