‘Yellowstone’ TV: Did John Dutton Foreshadow Wade Morrow Execution?

by Halle Ames

During Yellowstone’s third season, did John Dutton foreshadow Wade Morrow’s death? Absolutely he did.

John Dutton doesn’t mess around. When he threatens your life, the man means it.

John Dutton Hints at Death

So when an old nemesis shows his face around the Yellowstone Ranch, John Dutton is on high alert. The two butt heads a bit, but nothing really comes from it. However, John keeps commenting about Wade Morrow taking something from him.

While we first think he stole a horse or ranch hand or something else a cowboy would steal from one another, we find out it’s much more.

At a diner, John Dutton sits at the bar and orders his rare steak and is enjoying his time. Wade Morrow and his son Clint walk into the restaurant and start causing trouble for the ranch’s patriarch.

After the two old cowboys exchanged a few words, Clint gets up to hit John. However, John is quick to the draw and grabs a large sugar jar, and hits Clint over the head with it. The young man falls to the ground.

As the father-son duo leave the diner, John Dutton looks at the evil men and says, “You have something that belongs to me.”

Wade responds with a threatening, “then come get it.”

John Dutton isn’t afraid of anyone. The bad*ss cowboy quickly answers back, “I plan to.”


Wade and Clint Morrow were hired by Roarke, who owns the land next to the Dutton’s to cause even more trouble for John.

John gets his revenge, though, even if it took decades. He and the rest of the Yellowstone cowboys chase Wade and Clint into some nearby woods. Clint falls off his horse and lands headfirst into a rock that kills him on impact.

Wade isn’t so lucky. He is roped off his horse and dragged through the woods until the men find a suitable tree. They tie him to it and select Walker to cut what John Dutton wanted back.

A large “Y” brand rests on the hairy old man’s chest and is carved out. Gruesome.

After a large section of Wade’s chest is missing, the ranch hands string Wade up in a tree to hang. After Wade and Clint are dead, Lloyd and Walker drive out to the Wyoming border to dump the bodies at the infamous “train station.”

Roarke, who is unaware of where his two employees have disappeared to, continues to call Wade and Clint to no response. John Dutton antagonizes Roarke and asks if he is missing his “pets.”

The long-haired businessman looks at John quizzically, not yet understanding what he was talking about. He eventually figures it out.