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‘Yellowstone’ TV: John Dutton is ‘Always Three Steps Ahead’ in New Clip

by Jennifer Shea

Paramount has released a new clip from “Yellowstone,” and it’s a reminder to fans that despite Season 3’s finale, no one should count John Dutton (Kevin Costner) out.

“John Dutton is always three steps ahead, and we’re not complaining,” the studio tweeted Thursday.

In the clip, John Dutton has a chat with Governor Lynelle Perry (Wendy Moniz), who has spent many nights at his place but has butted heads with Dutton’s daughter, Beth (Kelly Reilly). For Beth, no one can or should ever replace her mother Evelyn (Gretchen Mol).

“How is it that you’re always three steps ahead of everybody everywhere you go?” Perry asks Dutton.

“It’s just a lot of sittin’ and thinkin,’” he answers. 

The two then get into a back-and-forth about the developers who are constantly threatening to encroach on Dutton’s land. 

“I can see why this is the dream they want to sell,” Perry says.

“Yeah, but you can’t sell this,” Dutton responds. “You gotta earn it. You gotta live it, and that’s what they’ll never understand.”

“But they only want to sell it,” the governor reminds Dutton. “They could care less about the dream coming true. That’s what you’ve got to understand.”

Left up in the air at the end of Season 3 was what will happen to John Dutton. He may have been stranded, gravely injured, by the side of the roadway, left for dead after a drive-by shooting, but Dutton has emerged from nasty scrapes before.

Kevin Costner Comments on Fate of John Dutton

Costner offered no hints in a recent interview with Fox 5 New York. He told the local news station that he might be coming back for the next season, but he might not.

“I can’t say,” Costner responded to the question on every “Yellowstone” fan’s mind after last season’s finale. “I mean, there’s an ending that you’re gonna see. Hopefully it’s a powerful one for you. But I can’t… Listen, I try to make things, and be a part of things, that have a dramatic arc to them. So, just try to enjoy it right up to the end, if you can.” 

Paramount’s clip offers Dutton fans some hope that the far-sighted patriarch of the Dutton clan will live to see another day.