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‘Yellowstone’ TV: What Will John Dutton and Jamie’s Relationship Look Like After His Betrayal?

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

As we all anxiously await the upcoming brand new season of Yellowstone, fans of the show can’t help but theorize what could happen.

Though there is no official date set, we are looking at a premiere for the fourth season of Yellowstone in roughly six to eight weeks. That would give the show a mid to late June start as the summer begins to roll in. In the meantime, we have the freedom to theorize, speculate and guess what the new season has in store.

Before looking ahead, let’s look back at the season three finale that threw Yellowstone fans for a loop. As the seconds tick away season three, we see series protagonists, the Dutton family, come under attack. John, Kayce and Beth Dutton fall victim to a clearly premeditated attack from unknown assailants. John is shot several times in the chest by an anonymous gunman. Kayce is also accosted by a mysterious ambusher firing bullets into his office. Beth is the recipient of an exploding package that detonates inside her office when her assistant opens it. The fates of all three Dutton family members are completely left up in the air.

‘Yellowstone’ Season Four Has Many Questions to Answer

While the first order of business will be learning what happens to Duttons, the next will be figuring out who carries out the attacks. There is one member of the Yellowstone clan that is left unscathed, and that is Jamie Dutton. Jamie is also a prime suspect in the minds of fans and he has plenty of motivation to harm his adopted family. A recently released video teaser seems to indict Jamie as the culprit.

The tense relationship between Jamie and John is likely to fall under the microscope in season four. If Jamie did indeed betray his father and family, you can bet John isn’t going to be a happy camper. The relationship between the two is already complex as it is. Rarely seeing eye to eye, the politically motivated Jamie has betrayed his father before. In an earlier Yellowstone season, he leaks sensitive information about the family to a news reporter. Unable to get the reporter to scrap the story, Jamie kills her and Rip Wheeler helps him cover up the murder.

But plotting to kill and carrying out an attack on your own family is on a completely different level than talking to a journalist.

The big question, at least from this perspective, is how far will John go if he discovers Jamie is behind the attacks. Will he kill his own adopted son? Will he able to forgive and forge forward as a family? Is Jamie the one behind the attacks?

With season four just around the corner, answers are coming soon.