‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is John Dutton Lacking One Very Important Piece of Farm Equipment?

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone fans have spent a lot of time on the ranch with the Duttons, yet we’ve not once seen this iconic piece of machinery… Anywhere.

“Why mow the lawn when you can pay someone to do it” is the sort of thought men like John Dutton have. Yet to the average Yellowstone viewer, the absence of certain aspects of ranch life may seem troubling. Take Redditor Jacob, for example, who’s ignited Reddit’s active Yellowstone board this weekend with the simple yet burning question:

‘Does John Dutton not have a tractor?

“Hello! How come I never see a tractor in the Yellowstone show?” Jacob asks fellow fans. “Does he not make hay? I have seen hay for the horses and I find it hard to believe that it would be purchased with so much land available. I guess this is maybe more of a general ranching question.”

Firstly, let’s be clear that a man of John Dutton’s stature would only be found on a tractor if he wanted to be on a tractor. There are at least a dozen minions to JD’s overlord that would take up tending the land before he’d ever break a sweat. His absence from traditional ranching often comes into play in John’s emotional arcs, too, so we know he’s not nearly as “hands on” as he used to be. And what self-respecting patriarch has the time to drive a tractor when several powerful organizations are trying to kill him and everyone he loves at all times?

Fellow Yellowstone enthusiast theTViFollow, however, offers a congruent explanation:

“We have barely seen all of the ranch. What farm/ranch doesn’t have a tractor. We haven’t seen a lawn mower yet either, but the grass is mowed,” they reply. “If a tractor factored into a story we would see a tractor. But it hasn’t so we haven’t.”

Ah, the glories of fiction.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans are Beyond Antsy for Season 4 At This Point

While John may not have a personal green tractor with the “Deere” etched out to be replaced with “Dutton”, another fan jokes that “He may or may not have a helicopter, though…”

Other viewers are far more direct with Jacob’s decently-fair question. Yellowstone fan Freya is one such Redditor, as she responds with a bit less cushioning and far more “facts for fiction”:

“You realize he probably has a separate area for tractors, balers, combine, spayer, cultivaters, etc. Theyre (sic) usually kept separate from animals. Given a chance horses and cows will chew paint”

Yet no one sums up the Reddit thread better than this chap, who simply says:

“God this sub needs the show to premiere so badly…”

So damn true. Though Father’s day is here and passing, hopefully Yellowstone Season 4‘s promised “Summer 2021” release is still just right around the corner.