‘Yellowstone’ TV: If John Dutton Survives Season 3 Finale, What’s His First Move in Season 4?

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Fans of hit Paramount Network series Yellowstone are still reeling from the explosive third season finale that changes practically everything.

After the events of the finale, Yellowstone watchers are left with a whole offseason of wondering just who is dead and who is alive. To refresh your memory — three members of the Dutton family are ambushed by unknown assailants as the final seconds tick away. Family patriarch and Yellowstone Ranch owner, John Dutton, is gunned down while helping a stranded family on the roadside. His son, Kayce Dutton, is also attacked and shot at by unknown gunmen. He is able to shield himself by taking cover behind his desk. John’s only daughter, Beth Dutton, is the recipient of a package bomb that explodes right in front of her face. The fate of the three Dutton is left completely up in the air. All three could be dead, alive or gravely injured at the least. We simply do not know much more than that as we head into a new season.

Once the smoke clears on Yellowstone, it will be interesting to see the choices that our favorite characters take. After the show reveals who is dead and who is alive, along with who carries out the attacks, it will be time for action.

What Does Yellowstone Have in Store for John Dutton?

For this exercise, we will assume that John Dutton survives the attempt on his life. Many Yellowstone fans believe he lives due to a well-placed cell phone in his shirt pocket. It seems unlikely that a cell phone would stop a bullet but that is the magic of television for you. Plus, this is Yellowstone we are talking about here and rule number one is to expect the unexpected. So, John Dutton survives several gunshots to the chest — what is his next course of action? Does he immediately seek out revenge on the attackers? Does he come to the realization that he needs to sell Yellowstone Ranch? Maybe he decides to retire and hang up his cowboy boots?

John’s first concern is likely to be the safety of his family. We’d bet hearing his family was attacked has more of an impact on him than the attempt on his own life. John will lookout for what is best for his family.

That being said…

The tough and rugged cowboy inside John Dutton is ready to burst out and I think that is what we will see in the fourth season. He isn’t the kind of man to let something like this slide. Once he has his ducks in a row, expect the Yellowstone chief to be out for blood.

It’s what fans of the modern western drama want to see. We want John, Kayce and Rip Wheeler to rally the bunkhouse crew and brutally punish anyone and everyone who had a hand in the attack. It may take some time, but I believe we will see just that at some point in season four.

Get your cowboy hats ready Yellowstone fans — the wait for a new season is coming to a close.