‘Yellowstone’ TV: Was John Dutton’s Season 3 Finale Scene a Nightmare?

by Thad Mitchell

Yellowstone fans are still unpacking that Season Three cliffhanger. But could the attack on the Duttons have been a dream?

A new fan theory making the rounds on Reddit suggests the attacks could all be in John Dutton’s head. The Reddit user points to a previous scene with John and his grandson, Tate Dutton, discussing nightmares as evidence it could be “just a dream.”

“In episode one of season three, John is talking to Tate about nightmares,” the Yellowstone fan writes. “He describes his nightmare of pulling over to ‘help people that don’t want to be helped.'” Anyways, my theory is that John’s experience is a nightmare at the end of the final episode of the season.”

It’s touching moment between John and Tate that plays out in the first episode of season three.

While the theory could be a bit of a reach, we have come to expect the unexpected when it comes to Yellowstone. You just can never say “never” in regards to the heavily popular show.

Judging by some of the replies in the Reddit thread, this would not be a popular outcome. A few Yellowstone fans suggest that passing the scene off as a dream would be a major “cop-out.”

Still, it a plausible scenario for a show that continuously doles out the surprises on a seemingly never-ending basis.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Wait For Season Four

While a new season is right around the corner, Yellowstone fans are still talking about the explosive ending to season three. The third season went out with a bang — both literally and figuratively. Fans of the modern western drama likely lost a couple of hours of sleep after witnessing the conclusion of last season. Ever since going off their air, fans have taken to the internet to discuss, debate, and theorize what will happen next on Yellowstone Ranch.

As the seconds tick off the third season finale, we see three members of the Dutton family come under attack. Dutton family patriarch, John Dutton, is gunned down on the side of the road while assisting a stranded family. John’s son, Kayce Dutton, is also attacked by an unknown entity inside his own office. Beth Dutton, the lone female Dutton, receives a mysterious package that turns out to be a bomb. The bomb detonates inside her office only a few feet from where she is standing.

We simply do not know the fates of the Dutton clan as we move into the fourth season. Each of three Duttons could be dead, alive, or severely injured. With the fourth season arriving soon, the wait for answers is coming to a close.