‘Yellowstone’ TV: Josh Brolin’s Daughter and ’Mia Actress, Eden, Perfectly Sums Up Shopping Trips to Marshall’s

by Halle Ames

Anyone that has walked into Marshall’s knows exactly what they are stepping into. In an interview with Eden Brolin, she sums it up perfectly.

Once you enter those welcoming doors, time fades away, and you become part of this black hole of deals. Next thing you know, you check your clock, and it’s like Alice in Wonderland. You think it’s been 20 minutes when it’s been two hours.

You can’t skip any rack or shelf because you may miss the perfect thing you really don’t need, but the price is so right it would be a disservice not to buy it.

Yeah. We understand.

And apparently so does Yellowstone actress Eden Brolin, who is also the daughter of actor Josh Brolin.

Eden Brolin Hits a Shopping Trip at Marshall’s

She tunes in late for her interview with Jim Alexander on Reel Talker a month ago, saying that she was caught up with errands. But we all know what that really means. When questioned about the chores, she opens up about the motherland, Marshall’s.

“I forgot that it’s the worst time to be running errands, like weekday afternoons. Just bad. I had to go get a couple of groceries. My partner wanted to go set some weights from Marshall’s. You get the deals on everything. But the thing is, is that once you’re in there, you’re in there. You’ve got to just look at the stuff. But yeah, just like groceries and that kind of stuff, I just really didn’t realize that it was going to be those long lines. So it tacks on like an extra, you know, 15 or 20 minutes to the time you are planning on being out.”

But the question on everyone’s mind is, did Eden Brolin get the weights, and for how good of a deal?

“He got the weights,” Brolin states. “Two ten-pounders for like 12 bucks.”

“Which would cost anywhere else probably triple that,” notes Alexander.

“Thanks, Marshall’s,” Brolin says as she rolls her eyes.

You can’t deny the obvious bang for your buck. It is the perfect cure for anything. Bad day? Marshall’s. Great Day? Marshall’s. Christmas, birthdays, or any event. Marshall’s. The only time the place isn’t a good idea is when you are on a time crunch like Eden Brolin was. You are going to need to carve out a big chunk of your time wandering around that paradise.