‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is Kayce Dutton Going to Have Major Fallout With Unexpected Character?

by Halle Ames

Is Kayce Dutton going to have a dramatic fallout with one other major character in the bunkhouse on Yellowstone?

Kayce Dutton does not have a ton of enemies on Yellowstone, so it would be surprising to see him gain one on the way. Especially with this awkward bunkhouse cowboy that is one of his own.

Who, you ask? None other than our buckle-bunny-loving, bronco-riding, noodly cowboy, Jimmy Hurdstrom.

Jefferson White, the actor who plays Jimmy in the series, may hint at the possibility of a fallout between the two characters. Could it be from Jimmy’s rodeo career? The one that John warned that he would have to quit if he paid Jimmy’s extensive medical bills. Well, is Kayce Dutton filling in for John and collecting old debts from Jimmy?

Jimmy decided to defy John’s wishes and get back on the horse. After a few good bucks, Jimmy finds himself face down in the dirt, unconscious.

Kayce Dutton’s life also hangs in the balance. He was going about his day as the Livestock Commissioner when he heard gunshots outside his office. He quickly flips his massive wood desk to use as protection from the armed assassins. The last thing we hear is Monica screaming on the other end of the phone as Kayce Dutton fights for his life.

While fans are VERY PATIENTLY waiting for season four of Yellowstone to premiere, the only person that has made any sort of indication that there is light at the end of this tunnel is Jefferson White. He thanked fans for their patience thus far and said that season four is worth the wait. While that doesn’t give us any indication when that may be, at least it’s something.

Does Jefferson White Hint at a Falling Out with Kayce Dutton?

In an interview with the rest of the bunkhouse cast in 2019, Jefferson White possibly hinted at a falling out between his character and Kayce Dutton.

“I think Kayce expects a little bit more independent thought that Jimmy is not ready to give. Jimmy doesn’t know enough about this stuff to have an opinion about where he should go and why, so it’s nice for Rip to sort of remove those variables.”

Kayce has more authority. He isn’t as relatable and hands-on as Rip. Furthermore, Rip has a soft spot for Jimmy. I mean, Rip did kind of save him. Will Jimmy use Rip as a buffer between him and Kayce Dutton? Or will Rip’s new relationship and marriage to Beth get in the way of his duties with the bunkhouse men?

Will Beth even survive? If she does, in fact, die, Rip Wheeler will be out for blood of his own and surely be distracted from the ranch. Could the same go for Kayce Dutton if he does survive? Will he use his military training to go on a warpath against the people that did this to his family?

Only Yellowstone season four will tell.