‘Yellowstone’ TV: Kayce Dutton Is ‘Not an Enemy You Want’ in Latest Post

by Jon D. B.

A whole lotta people have shot at ‘Yellowstone’s Kayce Dutton, and few have lived to tell the tale. Relive an iconic moment for the “prodigal son” through one of his best lines of the series to date.

“Kayce Dutton is not an enemy you want,” posts “Yellowstone”s official Instagram Wednesday. All too true. The Navy S.E.A.L has proven himself a lethal survivor time and time again on the best of modern Westerns.

In the clip, the show revisits a classic, spine-tingling line from young Kayce Dutton:

“Look at me… And know that I’m not your friend. I’m your enemy.”

For newcomers, however, this scene might not be at all what they expect. While the Dutton’s human enemies are everywhere, they still find themselves constantly at odds with the nature they live within. As such, this line comes not as Kayce stares down the powers at be trying to tear down his family ranch… But directly into the eyes of a wolf.

Watch with this in mind, and relive one of the best moments “Yellowstone” has to offer:

‘Yellowstone’ Season 3’s Wolf Scenes Set Kayce Up as the ‘Prodigal Son’

The first encounter Kayce has with the wild Yellowstone wolves in Season 3 comes early on (Ep 2). Within, a solitary wolf watches as Kayce & Monica Dutton have a passionate night out amongst the stars.

Then, later in Season 3, Kayce is confronted by the wolves yet again as they approach the edge of his camp. Unlike the rest of his family, however, Kayce does not chase the wolf away (a’la sister Beth) or kill it outright (a’la father John). Instead, he meets the apex predator eye to eye.

In this powerful moment, Kayce delivers the line above after telling the wolf it’s “allowed to run free,” but only under certain conditions. So long as the wolves stay away from “Yellowstone”s precious livestock, Kayce will leave them be.

As such, we see Kayce begin to fulfill his destiny as Yellowstone Ranch’s “prodigal son.” While the rest of the Duttons only know brute force and cutthroat tactics, Kayce shows a willingness to negotiate and meet his family’s enemies eye to eye.

This encounter shows Kayce as the perfect, lethal-yet-level-headed inheritor of the Dutton legacy. From his marriage to a member of the Broken Rock indigenous peoples, to the son (Tate) this union bore and much, much more – “Yellowstone” continues to set up Kayce Dutton as his family’s savior.

And his enemies are damn-sure to know who they are.