‘Yellowstone’ TV: Does Kayce Dutton Get Saddled With Bad Luck or Just Make Bad Decisions?

by Halle Ames
Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Yellowstone’s Kayce Dutton is always getting himself wrapped up in trouble, but is this the doing of bad luck or self-infliction.

Throughout the last three seasons of Yellowstone, Kayce Dutton has managed to get in more trouble than just about anyone on the show. If he survives the attack from the season three finale, we are sure he will be up to the same shenanigans come Yellowstone season four in June.

Who is to blame for Kayce’s constant troubles? Is it the work of lousy decision-making skills or some cosmic fate that destines him for bad luck?

We are sticking with the first choice.

Throughout every season, we watch Kayce Dutton continuously pick the obvious worst decisions that ends up with him in trouble with the law. We even find ourselves yelling at our poor TV from time to time, willing Kayce just to turn a cheek and go home.

Nope. Not our beloved Kayce.

Don’t get us wrong. The youngest Dutton has awful timing. Like, sure, let’s drive to town. Nope, this meth house is going to blow up on the way.

Do you want to go out for some target practice, son? Wait, first, let’s investigate this mysterious white van sitting on the side of the road.

Do you see what we mean? Anyone else would probably just keep driving.

While his moral compass always seems to point north, he manages to come up shy from a law standpoint. However, since Rainwater and law enforcement on the reservation admire his just decisions, they tend to let Kayce Dutton off the hook.

Reddit Users Weigh in on ‘Yellowstone’ Cowboy

People on Reddit are torn, though.

Bullet-maker94 points out how often Kayce finds himself in trouble on Yellowstone, blaming his own doing for the mess.

“Why is Kayce a colossal f*ckup? Like dude. Can you go five minutes without making an unimaginably ignorant decision?”

However, Lumpymuffin1812 disagrees, saying that it’s out of Kayce’s control.

“I’m kind of the opposite. I really liked Kayce’s storyline in S1. I don’t think it had anything to do with him being a f*ck up, but rather the dude having the worst luck and not being able to catch a break. But I miss that rebellious, defiant Kayce, even if he screwed up. They made him a little too perfect and obedient in subsequent seasons.”

Although, if Kayce Dutton does survive the Yellowstone attack, will he be made Governor of Montana? That would surely help his case when it comes to wiggling out of trouble with law enforcement.

Yellowstone season four, please hurry up.