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‘Yellowstone’ TV: If Kayce Dutton Survives Season 3 Finale, What’s His First Move in Season 4?

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

The fourth season of Yellowstone will soon be upon us and fans couldn’t be more excited for the return of their favorite show.

Fans of the modern western drama have spent the entire Yellowstone offseason speculating on where the show might go in the new season. With the cliffhanging finale of the third season, there are a number of ways the fourth season could go.

Since his introduction onto the show early in season one, Kayce Dutton has been a favorite of Yellowstone watchers. Full of grit and determination, Kayce will stop at nothing to protect his family and Yellowstone Ranch. He is the last blood son of ranch owner John Dutton and could be in line to inherit the ranch down the road.

His loving wife Monica and curious son Tate are always by his side. A former Navy Seal, Kayce is crafty, capable and intelligent. He is hard-headed and will let his emotions get the best of him from time to time.

Kayce took the role of Yellowstone Ranch Foreman after Rip Wheeler allowed him to win a fight between the two. Kayce and Rip have a sometimes friendly and sometimes not-so-friendly rivalry. Both men are fiercely loyal to John Dutton and the family’s ranch. He also takes his father’s role as head of the Montana Livestock Association. Kayce is unwittingly rising through the political ranks. Other members of the community want him to run for Governor of Montana.

As it did for his father and sister, Beth Dutton, season three of Yellowstone did not end well for Kayce. After a meeting with association members, he is ambushed in his office by unknown gunmen. The last we see of Kayce, he is able to take cover by flipping over his desk and crouching behind it. His status for the upcoming season is very much up in the air. Kayce could be dead, alive or gravely injured as season four arrives.

Yellowstone Fans Hope For Kayce Dutton to Survive

Let’s assume that Kayce survives the attack as many Yellowstone fans think he does. Where does he go first? Does he hit the warpath and take revenge upon the attackers as fast as he can? Does he once again let his emotion take control? Can he control his anger enough to make wise decisions moving forward?

The best bet from this angle is that Kayce will first seek out his family and make sure they are ok. Through previous seasons we have seen the Yellowstone cowboy evolve into a family man. Through the course of previous seasons, Kayce has slowly but surely learned what it means to be a father and husband. After the attack, he is sure to have the safety of Monica and Tate on his mind. Because as we’ve seen in previous seasons, both Monica and Tate have been victims of attacks. Most notably, when Tate was kidnapped by men hired by the Beck brothers.

The guess here is that we will continue to see the evolution of “Family Man” Kayce Dutton. Now, once he cares for the safety of his family, it is likely he joins in on seeking out western justice. This might even be the type of tragic moment that brings Rip and Kayce’s feud to a halt, joining the two together on the road to revenge.

It’s what we all really want to see happen on the fourth season of Yellowstone. We want to see Kayce, Rip and the bunkhouse go medieval on some bad guys. While that is certainly a possibility, it may require some patience from us fans.

With the fourth season of Yellowstone just weeks away, answers to our burning questions are coming soon.