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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is Kayce Going to Cash in on a Major Favor He’s Due From Walker in Season 4?

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

As we grow closer to the start of a new “Yellowstone” season, fans of the hit Paramount Network series are ramping up the speculation.

While we don’t have an official date for the premiere of the fourth season, we believe it is coming soon. “Yellowstone” producers have long said to expect a June premiere, and now June is a day away. The long wait has not deterred fans from theorizing about what might happen in the new season. Online forum communities are full of fans taking guesses on what lies ahead for our favorite “Yellowstone” characters.

A recent theory appearing on Reddit says that Yellowstone ranch foreman Kayce Dutton could team up with ranch hand Walker. The theory states that Kayce will employ Walker to search out the people responsible for attacking his family.

“Just finished watching the scene where Kayce has the conversation with Walker at the Train Station,” a Reddit poster says. “He tells him he owes him a favor now. I’m feeling like those two pair up in season four and work together to find out who made the attacks.”

The third season finale saw the Dutton family come under attack from unknown assailants. The status of John, Kayce and Beth Dutton is very much up in the air as the new season arrives. The viewer is left to wonder if the three Duttons are dead, alive, or some combination of both as season three ends. For purposes of exploring this theory, we will assume that at least Kayce has survived the attack. Many “Yellowstone” fans believe Kayce does indeed survive the ambush attempt.

Yellowstone Theory Suggests Kayce And Walker Team Up

The trouble-making Walker certainly owes a great debt to Kayce Dutton. Walker is only alive at this point because Kayce sparred his life, much to the dismay of Rip Wheeler. It isn’t the first time that Kayce has stood up for Walker. In a previous season, Walker tried to leave the ranch only to be stopped by Kayce, who convinced him to stay.

More recently, Rip commands Kayce to take Walker to the “train station” after an altercation. “Yellowstone” fans know what a trip to the train station means as there isn’t an actual station. Instead, taking someone to the train station is code for killing them. After riding to the metaphorical station, Kayce spares Walker’s life. Walker finds his way back to the ranch, angering Rip, who is upset that Kayce didn’t follow through. Now, some “Yellowstone” watchers theorize that Kayce will cash in on the huge debt.

With season four due out next month, “Yellowstone” fans will soon have the answers they crave.