‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is Kayce Going to Be the Most ‘Powerful’ Dutton of Them All?

by Thad Mitchell

Among the incredible characters residing on Yellowstone Ranch, Luke Grimes’ Kayce Dutton has become a fan favorite in short order.

Through three seasons of Yellowstone, Kayce’s character has been one of the most interesting aspects of the show. He returns to the ranch upon his father’s order and though he is reluctant, he continues climbing the Dutton family ranks. When we first meet Kayce, he is little more than the estranged son of John Dutton. Simply trying to keep his family intact and put food on the table, he struggles with everyday life. Upon returning to Yellowstone Ranch, his life continues to change in a positive direction.

With the assistance of his father, who encourages him to take small steps, Kayce overtakes Rip Wheeler as ranch foreman. To seal the deal, Rip intentionally loses a fight to Kayce in front of the other ranch hands. It is one of the most memorable moments through the entire three seasons.

Kayce continues his ascension and takes over his father’s role on the Montana Livestock Commission. He does such a good job in the role that several fellow Montana ranchers want him to run for governor. Whether that happens or not remains to be seen but Yellowstone writers have put the wheels in motion for that storyline.

The first order of business concerning Kayce will be whether he is dead or alive for the fourth season. He was attacked inside his own office by unknown gunmen to close out season three. He is able to take cover behind his desk which he flips over to avoid incoming bullets. His status for the new season is very much up in the air.

Yellowstone Fans Sound Off on Kayce Dutton’s Future

Supposing Kayce survives the attack, most fans think he does, the question becomes just how far up the ladder can he go. In a recent Reddit thread, some fans suggest Kayce could become the most powerful of all the Duttons.

“I have no clue what direction this show is going in, but I think one of the themes of the show is not Kayce getting knocked down, but rather his ascension to the throne. Does he become the new John, or not? Does he hold onto the tender heart that separates him from the rest of his family, or does he let it get just as hard as John’s? Can he hold onto some morality, or does he buy hook, line and sinker into John’s philosophy of everything is worth it if you can keep the ranch?”

Kayce will be one of the key characters to watch during the season — provided he is alive. He very well could be the heir to the Yellowstone throne. Then again, he could revert to his old ways and up falling off the Dutton ladder.

What makes Kayce such an interesting and complex character is that there are a multitude of paths he could travel. He could continue his upward trajectory and end as governor of Montana. He could fall back down to earth and go back to being an ordinary ranch hand, much like his brother Jamie.

Who knows what Yellowstone has in store for Kayce Dutton. One thing is for sure and that is Yellowstone fans can’t wait to find out.