‘Yellowstone’ TV: Kayce and Monica Know ‘One Day We’ll Be Right’ in Unforgettable Clip

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

As the wait continues for a new season of “Yellowstone” the Paramount Network series is using social media to remind us of the good times.

The show’s social media pages are full of scenes from previous seasons to tide us over until the new season arrives. When that day will come is anyone’s guess but it will certainly be worth the wait to patient “Yellowstone” fans. In the meantime, there is plenty to discuss and observe as fans continue to study the show’s previous season. Many fans have revealed previously unknown facts about the show just by re-watching old episodes. On Monday, the “Yellowstone” Instagram account reminded us of a particular scene that has stuck with a lot of watchers. The scene features a heart-to-heart conversation between Kayce and Monica Dutton as they try to determine what their future holds.

“One day we’ll be right,” the Instagram post’s caption reads.

The scene shows Kayce and Monica out in the woods as they discuss their next move. Kayce tells his wife that all they can do is live for the moment. It is a touching scene and one that “Yellowstone” fans still have etched in their memories.

“There is no such thing as forever, baby,” Kayce says while peering into Monica’s eyes. “All we can do is live like there is no tomorrow because one day we will be right.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Ponder What’s Next For Kayce and Monica

It is a beautiful scene between the often troubled “Yellowstone” couple that shows their passion for each other. Kayce and Monica have not had a smooth road through the first three seasons but their love for each other runs very deep.

After viewing the short clip, numerous “Yellowstone” fans responded to the social media post. As you might expect, many used the opportunity to ask when we can expect the fourth season to begin.

“How much longer do we have to wait for season four to come out,” a fan and social media user asks.

Many “Yellowstone” fans are also wondering what will come of Kayce and Monica in the new season. We last see Kayce being shot at by an unknown gunman as the third season comes to an end. He is able to flip his desk over and take cover behind it before the attacker reaches his office. His status for season four is up in the air as he could be dead, alive or gravely injured as the new season arrives.

Kayce is able to call Monica just before the shooter arrives in his office. Some “Yellowstone” fans say an explosion can be heard during the phone call between the two. Could there have been another attack on Yellowstone Ranch that viewers do not see?

We hope to find out soon as the season four premiere date continues to be a mystery.